MUSE-INGS: The Path of Personal Growth Takes You Through the Doorway

How many times have you stared at a Doorway of Opportunity and yet chosen not to step through? Each of us has done that, haven’t we? Sometimes it is because we are afraid to leave the comfort of the familiar place we are in, even if that comfort comes from familiarity and not necessarily what is best for us. And sometimes we are afraid that, if we step through the doorway, we will be asked to ‘play bigger’ than we are comfortable with. Isn’t this really why we content ourselves with ‘playing small’?

When I hear people talk about the fear of public speaking being worse than the fear of death (not for me, but for some) then I think of the ‘stepping out on a stage and being seen’ aspect of public speaking. For some, it is the fear of being seen. For others, it is the fear of owning what you speak.

But we are all called to a life of speaking our truth. We all deserve to be seen. I met a woman recently who was moved because she finally felt ‘seen.’ This woman had the most amazing energy and Light around her, and yet there must be others who are avoiding ‘seeing’ that beauty.

Fear. Fear holds people back from seeing others in their Light because that might mean I should let my Light shine. Fear also keeps a person from playing in a bigger way because others might not ‘get it.’ Worse, others might be angry, or upset, or frightened. And what if ‘they’ don’t like me? We all worry about losing love.

This fear, though, really is the popular acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real. A friend shared a great quote with me today: ‘What you think of me is none of my business!’ This should become the motto of everyone who is afraid of stepping out in a big way!

Your Soul Purpose, your Mission, your Big Why — these are all YOURS!!!! And yours alone. No one else is here to live your Soul Purpose. No one else can accomplish your Mission on Earth. No one else has your Big Why. These are yours and they have been given to you as a part of the unfolding plan of the Universe.

These are also the gift that you have been given to make your life have meaning. You live among others who are on Planet Earth at a time contemporary with you because you all agreed as Souls before birth that you would share in this journey. They have your back.

You agreed to share your gifts. Do you know what they are? Your Soul Purpose was chosen by your Soul to fulfill a group agreement with the others in your Soul Group with whom you are traveling through life. Would you leave them in the lurch? Your Mission is a big mission, not a little task to be completed before you die. Would you leave this Mission unaccomplished? And your Big Why is the reason you are doing what you do, your motivation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this Big Why identified so that you could fuel your life with the energy of that motivation?

Do the work. Examine yourself. Personal growth work leads to personal success in life. Entrepreneurs know this, which is why they are always working with mentors for both business and personal support. Conscious Living dictates that we examine our lives and become conscious about working on personal growth. The 21st Century is not giving us the luxury (is it really a luxury?) of plenty of time to get around to doing personal growth work. All the energy is focused on our doing the work NOW.

Step through the Doorways of Opportunity that are opening to you today. And trust that there will be more for you tomorrow. Clear the path to living your Soul Purpose and fulfilling your Mission by identifying your Big Why.


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