MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Soul Purpose Doors of Opportunity

Dear Ones,

There are energies at work in the Universe that are conspiring to support you in living the life of your destiny. Are you ready to accept the help that is available to you? Are you willing to live your fullest life as your Soul has inspired you to live?

Many people on Planet Earth at this time are merely existing. They are sliding through their lives without conscious thought to their Soul Purpose or their Mission. Are you one of these?

But people around the globe are feeling a stirring within them, a sense that there must be something more. The material world of physical things is shifting and, in some cases, falling away as the Soul begins to stir a person to focus on What Really Matters. Are you one of these people?

Instead of lamenting the current state of economics or politics or world issues, the Awakening Ones are saying, ‘What really matters to my Soul? What is my Soul Purpose? Why was I born to be on Planet Earth at this moment in history? What is my Mission?’

The answers to these important questions help an individual to learn their Big Why. What is YOUR Big Why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What ‘lights your fire’? Where is your passion?

Ask these questions of yourself and focus on the first answer that arises in your consciousness, for this answer will be the one from your Soul. If you consider and study and analyze your answer your conscious mind will bring in all sorts of other thoughts that will cloud the message.

Before you ask, though, you must center yourself and relax into the space where your Soul’s Voice can be heard. In the hustle and bustle of modern life it is easy to hear the chatter and to block out the Voice that matters. Be still. Breathe deeply. Clear your mind of anxious thoughts. Settle your body. It only takes a moment to do this, but, when you are in this more relaxed state, you will be able to ask the important questions and hear the answers from your Soul’s Voice.

Make that your priority work today. Ask yourself these questions. Really embrace the answers, even if you’re not sure what to do with the information. This is not the time to judge, analyze or criticize what you receive. This is the time to be totally open and receptive.

If it feels like a struggle you might need to ask for help from someone to guide you in the process. This is appropriate, for there is help available and support for you along your path.

Ask. Receive the answers. Then take action in the direction of your Mission.

Remember, the Universe is conspiring to support you in this endeavor. You will have all the resources you need at the exact moment that you need them. You will have all the people and money and time that you need when the world needs for you to have them. Doors of opportunity will open for you just as you arrive at the doorstep.

Be sure that you walk through the doorway when it opens. Your Soul Purpose is guiding you on that path!

And so it is.

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