MUSE-INGS: Survival Depends on Living Your Purpose

The idea of the Earth’s energy grid has been around for a long time. But we often forget how interconnected we are with this energy grid and how that connects us to all other human beings. How can some people think as if they live in isolation of all other people?

I think that there is a reason that this connectedness keeps being brought up for us to examine. We forget that both the connectedness and our uniqueness can co-exist. As individuals we don’t want to lose our individuality and focusing on our uniqueness helps us to feel ‘special.’ That’s true for everyone.

But the Planet can be inhabited by a whole bunch of ‘special’ people, can’t it?

If you are a parent, you probably want each of your children to feel special in some way and yet you love all of them equally. You want your special child to also care about others, though, because that compassion for others matters in life.

I believe we need to teach our children and grandchildren about the connectedness of all while still teaching them about their uniqueness. As I work with clients around finding their Purpose there is also the element of how to manifest that Purpose in the world. Your Purpose is a description of your node in that energy grid of the Earth-Life. You light up the world when you live your Purpose. Everyone living on the Planet with you has a connection with each other living human that is defined by their Purpose. This is how we keep the energy of the Earth-Life vibrant.

For some people, their Purpose is to be in the spotlight, to be out there as a teacher/artist/mentor, etc. For others, their Purpose is a quieter one – to place their energy in their family or their business or their creativity. Your Purpose is to make a difference on the Planet during your lifetime and that can be a quiet difference or a huge public impact.

The important thing about living your Purpose is that you are connected to all others who, at the soul level, are counting on you to live that Purpose as they are required to live theirs. This is 21st Century Earth Human expanding the consciousness that has been building since the Earth was first formed.

Past generations of humans spent their energy focused solely on survival. They weren’t spending much time on expanding consciousness unless they were the philosophers of their generation or culture. But times have changed and we now have lots of opportunities to distract ourselves from our evolutionary path, with TV, video games, sports, etc. Where are the philosophers? Are you one of them? And most people in recent times in Western Society have not had to focus so much on survival so there has been a relaxing of the energy of eking out a living but not a turning to personal growth instead of merely existing. The time for this to change is upon us.

I believe the recent economic situation has caused everyone to rethink who they are on the Planet. Some are once again focusing on survival in ways that they haven’t had to in the past. Some are expanding their awareness from a new place of understanding about the connectedness of human beings.

Survival in this new world will require us to learn new ways of thinking. This is why the new energy center is emerging in 21st Century human beings. This heart-mind center, located between the heart and the throat, brings in a fresh new way to think/feel/operate in the world. This will help us to make the changes that are necessary for both survival and the expansion of consciousness.

All Are One – we are all connected. You Are Unique – You are the one who can live your Purpose.

Maybe what is called for in these times is no longer ‘survival of the fittest’ but ‘survival of the Purpose-full.’

Think about that from the energy of your new heart-mind center!

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