MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Unique You and the Earth Energy Grid

Dear Ones,

It is time for everyone on Earth to wake up to two facts about life on this Planet. The first is that All Are One. You are all connected to each other and to Mother Earth and you are all a part of the fabric of Earth-Life. What happens to one affects all.

The second fact is that You Are Unique. YOU are the only YOU that there is or ever will be on Planet Earth.

Does this seem a bit contradictory? It is not but we will explain further.

The Earth-Life is a fabric woven through time with the energy of every person who lives or has ever lived on Planet Earth. The Earth herself has an energy that holds and feeds the energy of this fabric grid. Within this fabric are the nodes of energy that represent each individual and you are one of those nodes. You cannot be disconnected from this grid once you have breathed the atmosphere of Mother Earth and have, thus, become one of her children, a human being.

But, you are also a unique piece of energy, living on Planet Earth with a unique purpose that only you can fulfill to energize the grid that connects you to all other human beings through time. You have a reason to be born and to live on Earth at the time of your lifetime.

You are like the glue that is holding that node in place in the energy of Earth. Your Purpose is the energy that lights up that node. All of the other nodes are expecting you to generate that light. They are counting on you to do that. Would you let them down?

Do you sometimes feel as if you do not matter in the bigger scheme of things? Please let go of that idea today. You matter. Are you judging yourself harshly because of something that you did or didn’t do? Please let go of that judgment. You are operating in a connectivity that allows the flow of energy to be just perfect at all times. If there is something that you did it was because all the other nodes or at least some of them needed for you to do that when you did it. If there is something that you have not done it is because it was not time for that energy to flow into the grid yet.

We are, however, now in the energy of transformational change on Planet Earth. It is time for the energy levels to be increased to a higher vibratory frequency to handle the changes that are happening. Those who remain at a lower level will not transition with the upleveling of the energy grid and will stay behind in old consciousness. You are a part of the transformation and therefore you have a responsibility to lift your consciousness by living your Purpose – NOW.

If you feel that you are unsure of your Purpose then do the work to learn it. If you know who you came to Earth to be at this time, then put your energy into manifesting that.

All the other nodes [humans] are looking to you to lift up your energy and stay joined to them. They, too, are busy about the business of lifting up their own energy to stay connected to the transforming grid.

All Are One grid. You Are Unique. And a necessary part of the transformation of humanity and the evolution of human consciousness.

These are exciting times!

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