MUSE-INGS: Control Your Thoughts and Contribute

How mindful are you of the thoughts that you are contributing to the collective consciousness of all humanity?

That whole concept seems to carry a heavy burden of responsibility for the evolutionary process. And, yet, it really speaks to what it means to be fully human, doesn’t it?

If we think about the human beings who have inhabited Planet Earth for thousands of years, we can understand how thinking has evolved over time. The enslavement of cultures was widespread at one time and then some forward thinkers started looking at assimilation, rather than conquering and destruction, as a way to advance civilization. Sadly, we still have some of those old thinkers suppressing others but there are millions more of us who are calling out conquering for what it is and who are, at the same time, moving forward in our evolution of consciousness.

Advances in science, mathematics, astronomy [look at what the Hubble Space Telescope has taught us!], medicine, technology, and many more fields of endeavor have shown us that humanity is constantly questing for greater understanding of our world and the cosmos we inhabit. We are learning beings, always asking the questions that lead us forward. Inventors will tell you that there are often dead ends but every attempt brings with it new understanding, even if that understanding points to what doesn’t work.

Humanity has been through some of those ‘dead end’ experiments, too. Some ideologies haven’t worked. Some have worked for a few people but not for the majority. I believe the concept of Democracy, called ‘The Great Experiment,’ was born from a sense that government needed to go through it’s own evolutionary process and perhaps it was time to try something that might contain benefit for the majority. We are still in the middle of this experiment.

But those at the forefront of the evolution of consciousness are leaping forward in quantum leaps these days. Philosophers may not be labeling themselves as such but they abound. With the internet we have all become philosophers, sharing our thoughts as if they were peer-reviewed and Truth with a capital ‘T.’

Every thought that we think becomes part of the collective consciousness just as every thought that is shared on facebook or twitter becomes a part of the collective conversation. Is there, perhaps, too much sharing without careful self-control and self-awareness? Could we become a collective of brainwashed individuals instead of humans advancing their consciousness in the direction of deeper understanding of self and cosmos?

We are poised and ready to move forward as the human race. It is time for each of us to claim our power to control our thoughts, to examine our beliefs and to join the other humans in advancing human consciousness. To do this we must start with ourselves and our own thought processes.

All of our efforts should be focused in the direction of growth in awareness. We have more enlightened ways to raise children than in the past. We can interact with others in immediate ways and so must be cautious about the impact of that interaction – no longer can a handwritten letter sit on the desk for further reflection since we now pour out our thoughts in an email that is sent instantaneously. We question and we quest. New understanding becomes available every day.

Make some decisions today about how you will approach your personal growth. So many are worried about money today and classes abound in ‘making more money’ or ‘getting more clients.’ But are you healthy in your own thoughts about money? Have you worked to clear limiting beliefs?

People seem to be drifting away from religion but not finding the spiritual support they seek. Are you focusing on one aspect of your life and not all? Spiritual mentoring is not the same as coaching. I’m finding in my practice that the coaching part FOLLOWS the spiritual work, the personal growth work, the processing of thoughts and beliefs.

This is the advancement of human consciousness that is called for in these times. Do the work and you will be rewarded. It doesn’t work the other way around.

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