MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Who’s Thinking YOU?

Dear Ones,

Today’s message is one that will lift your heart and make you smile.

Everything is happening as it must for the enfoldment of the Universe’s Plan for humanity.

You are an integral and important part of the Plan, for the evolution of human consciousness requires that each individual, who is by nature a part of human evolution, increase awareness of their own thoughts. Every thought that you have becomes energetically enfolded in the collective consciousness of all humanity. What are you contributing to this collective consciousness?

This powerful exercise of your human mind requires you to be careful of what you are contributing. This is why it is so important to claim your own thought processes and to be mindful of the energy that you are sending into the stream of consciousness that is the evolution of humanity.

And this is why you must claim your own inner power. Do not give this power over your thinking to anyone else. Those who would control your thoughts and beliefs are attempting to force their ideology into the collective consciousness. Do not let them.

YOU have the power over your own thoughts. YOU have the right to think and to question and to ponder and to wonder. You can change your thinking, shift your beliefs, adopt new ideas and discard old ones. You are on a path to your own empowerment as you read these words.

You are not alone in this process. There are millions of people who are soaring in their evolution of consciousness. There are millions more who are just waking up to the possibilities of expanded awareness and who are learning that their personal growth is intertwined with the evolution of all human beings. This is exciting!

So, today, take charge of your own evolutionary process. Notice your thoughts. Are you contributing to bringing in more Light or are your thoughts turning to darkness? Are you facing struggles with pessimism or with the Light of optimism and hope? Do your words reflect possibilities or lack? Are you feeling the energy of moving forward or are you feeling stuck?

This is why human beings are seeking spiritual guidance and mentors in 21st Century Consciousness. You are not alone and you can benefit from connecting with others who can help you to stay in charge of your thoughts, to shift your beliefs, to stay focused on the 21st Century possibilities instead of the old ideologies that have outlived their time on Planet Earth.

Enjoy being a valued contributor to the collective consciousness and relish your part in advancing evolution!

And so it is.

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