Hello from the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey! We are here for the Success Summit with eWomenNetwork and enjoying a gathering of mostly women entrepreneurs from the Mid-Atlantic area of the US. I’ve had a great time giving 3-minute Mystic Messages to attendees! And we can see the Atlantic Ocean from the hotel window – woohoo! I love the ocean and feel energized just to be near its majesty and power. What energizes you?

I am reminiscing about visits to Atlantic City when I was little and meeting Mr. Peanut [of Planter’s Peanuts] who walked along the boardwalk swinging a cane. If you’re as old as I am you might remember this peanut with a top hat! Fun trip down memory lane.

As Spring approaches we are feeling the energy of new beginnings and new life. When the plants and trees start to blossom with their rebirth our thoughts naturally turn to new life for ourselves. It seems as if nearly all of the people I am currently working with are moving into new activities, new phases, new directions at this time of year. Are you? How do you make decisions about what new steps to take? In a complimentary Discovery Session we can explore together where you are and where you would like to be in six months and what steps might be helpful to you to support your success in achieving those goals. Here’s where to find the application for YOUR Discovery Session:   Click Here to Apply. This personal chat with me can help to illuminate your path forward.

I hope you are enjoying The Daily Muse in your email inbox every weekday. It’s been great fun making the videos for you and sharing a thought every day to help you live your richest life as a conscious individual. Please share this inspiration with your friends, and subscribe if you haven’t done so yet – I like to smile just for you when I am creating this daily connection! Click Here to Subscribe.

Enjoy the winding down of Winter as Spring starts to bloom. [or the winding down of Summer Down Under!]


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