MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Time to Transform?

Dear Ones,

Many people are talking about ‘transformation’ and ‘change’ but are they really thinking of those words as you might? Let us look at ‘transformation’ as it pertains to these days.

When you have a discussion with someone about transformation, are they really talking about the deep level of transformation, after which one’s whole life is lived at a different vibrational level? Or are they talking about a little shift in perception that causes a slight change in one’s circumstances? There is a big difference.

True transformation occurs within one’s being at a cellular level and renders that person a different person thereafter. You must be ready for this kind of profound shift when you enter into it. Otherwise, you can be essentially derailed by the energy differential and become disoriented in the shift.

If you are reading these words, however, you are ready to take the steps necessary to make the profound commitment to transformation that allows you to take a quantum leap forward in your personal growth. There are three steps necessary to prepare for this shift.

First, you must acknowledge and accept where you currently are, realistically, in your path of growth. It is a very human thing to deny your own reality and to refuse to acknowledge honestly where you stand. Many of you might be in denial, not of your faults, but of your greatness. It can be daunting to accept that you have a Life Purpose as great as yours is and so you have developed a habit of shying away from that Purpose. You are hiding your Light under the proverbial basket.

Second, you must realize that there is some work involved in effecting a major transformation of your energetic level and you must be willing to do the work to make the shift. Personal growth work does not happen without an acceptance of the new level of existence, of the changed ‘you’ who emerges from the process. And it IS a process to which you must commit some effort and awareness.

Third, you must commit to living as the transformed ‘you’ after you have gone through the process and created the transformation. Your energetic being will have moved beyond the level where you started and you will be able to access new energies – new thoughts, beliefs, visions — that did not exist at the previous energetic level. In other words, you will be able to see things differently and you must respond to the call of your new visions.

When you stand in the place of having completed these steps, you are ready to make a transformative effort to change who you are. For in your life on Earth, it is only you who can change. You cannot change others, but you can model change for them. You cannot change everything around you, perhaps, but you can change that which it is important to change in any given moment. Any change that you want to see in the world around you must be centered in a change within yourself.

Start there. Start today. Make the commitment to personal growth. 2012 and the years beyond are asking you to raise yourself to the highest vibration that you can achieve. Do not stay in the level of the vibration of what you perceive as your faults. Instead, lift yourself into the level of the vibration of your gifts and manifest these in the world. Raise your consciousness and you will raise the consciousness of the world.

And so it is.

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