MUSE-INGS: Give the Highest Energy No Matter What the Gift Is!

As often as we hear that it is better to give than to receive, I have never thought about this energetic of the sharing of vibrational frequency levels. What are we really giving when we give a gift? What are we really sharing when we give our energy to another?

The picture I see as I examine this concept clairvoyantly is of energy waves moving between people when there is giving involved. The higher vibrational waves of energy are smooth and regular. When there is negativity present the waves are jarringly irregular and jagged, and this is based on the feelings of the giver which overpowers the recipient’s energy. Even if there is a smile on the face, if there is resentment in the heart the energy is impacted.

What kind of giver are you? Are you careful about your energy when you are giving yourself to another? I know people who have signed up to help with an event then wished they could get out of it right up until they show up to help out of a sense of obligation. Imagine what this resentful energy has as an impact to others around them with that jagged, irregular set of waves moving out into the space. Perhaps it would have been better if they had said ‘no’ in the first place.

In relationships, one partner often gives away their power to the other, staying quiet when they would have spoken but they fear some reprisal or reaction that they try to avoid with their silence. This energetic pattern can build and build until the silent partner erupts in emotions. This giving of one’s power to another is not a true gift but it impacts both the giver and the receiver, in a negative way.

Look for your patterns around giving. Do you choose when to give gifts or do you give out of a sense of obligation? Do you resent having to participate in a pool at work to buy a baby shower gift or a secret Santa gift? Are you wishing that you didn’t have to buy something for that Aunt that you don’t care for? And what about saying ‘no’? Are you giving your precious time to causes that you do not want to support but feel you must out of obligation to someone else? Are you giving away your own talents and gifts without the energy exchange they deserve? Are you giving away your power by allowing others to tell you how to think and how to believe and what you ‘should’ be doing?

Hold onto yourself and your integrity. Learn to give from that higher space where the giving comes from a joy within yourself. Say ‘no’ when it feels right. Give what is comfortable for you to give. Think about the other person and lift up your energy level so you are giving from a generous spirit toward them no matter what you might think.

To give you must also learn how to receive. Do you give and give and yearn for those recipients to give back to you? Or if someone tries to give to you, even a compliment, do you know how to receive generously? ‘Giving to get’ where you give because you want or expect to get something back [like love and approval] is not the generous giving that is a high vibrational energy. And when you can’t receive from a generous place you can affect the energy of the exchange.

Give to yourself. Honor your time, energy, resources. And learn to allow others to give to you by accepting gifts because they were given, not with a judgment about value or price or intention. Practice having a generous spirit on both sides of the giving equation.


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