I’m on The Road, well into my West Coast Tour! If it is Monday I must be in Seattle heading for Issaquah. And the good news is Richard joined me yesterday. Then we had a fabulous Conversation with The Other Side in Seattle Sunday evening.

***On to Issaquah, WA and a Conversation with The Other Side***

October 11, 2011 7:00 to 9:00 pm PDT I have scheduled a Conversation with The Other Side for Tuesday evening on the Full Moon, in Issaquah, southeast of Seattle, WA.

Are you curious about what happens when we die?

Are you wondering if there is some guidance available for your life that you haven’t yet tapped into?

• Would you like to hear what a loved who has crossed over to The Other Side wants to say to you?

• Are you seeking certainty in these uncertain times?

If you are in the Seattle area this is your last opportunity to learn more about and get in touch with The Other Side! Attendance is limited to the first 11 people who sign up so everyone receives messages. I will also be teaching about the Energies and Expectations for 2012.
Book soon to reserve your seat for Tuesday evening!

***Attending the Katrina Sawa Event in Sacramento, CA***
October 13 to 15 Maybe I’ll see you at Katrina’s event, Jump Start Your Biz Weekend Intensive, in Sacramento, CA!
If you are in the Sacramento area, contact me so we can catch up!

***Katrina Sawa is hosting a Conversation with The Other Side in Sacramento, CA***
October 17, 2011 7:00 to 9:00 pm PDT This is a Special Conversation with The Other Side! In addition to the usual messages from Angels, Guides, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones who have crossed over, I will be sharing wisdom and messages with all guests about expectations for the coming year, 2012:

Have you been wondering about the energies surrounding 2012?

Have you heard confusing and opposing views about what to expect?

Are you curious about other sources of information about next year?

During this Conversation event I will tune in to guidance about next year to share! Join us for up-to-date information and get your questions answered!
Reserve your seat in advance for this very special Conversation!

If you are in any of these areas I would love to see you!

Check my calendar for details!


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