The West Coast Tour 2011 is in full swing – I’m in the Pacific Northwest this week.  If you’re in the Seattle area I’d love to see you!  There are a couple of Conversations with The Other Side scheduled – October 9 and October 11.  Check the details here:

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, connecting with friends and spending time alone in my car.  I’ve never really been a car trip lover but I’m finding this has been fun.  Sometimes I put on the Sirius XM Spa channel and think/plan/dream and other times I’m singing along with the Broadway channel [glad no one else can hear me!].  There’s something wonderful, too, about spending a night or two with a friend where you can really connect on a deeper level than over an occasional meal or at a meeting or in a phone call.  It’s been like ‘pajama party time’ for me and I’m grateful for the friendships I have in my life.  Thank you to my hosts!

My friend in San Jose, Yvonne Ohumukini Urness, and I traded sessions and had some very powerful experiences together.  She helped me to outline the offerings in my programs and there are some exciting things coming up – woo hoo!  Stay tuned for announcements this Fall about new programs to help you find Certainty in These Uncertain Times – because that is my wish for all of you.

Along the journey I am meeting some wonderful new people and it’s a joy to welcome you to RosemarySpace.  It’s always fun to work one-on-one with new folks and to see them enjoying confidence in the next step forward.  Thanks to all who have been referring people to me.  When you know that the work can benefit a friend it’s a gift to connect them with the help that is available.  This is why I value referrals so much – someone cares enough about a friend or loved one to suggest that they coach with me to improve relationships, grow business, make decisions about career or life, and often it’s all three!

Did you see that glorious waxing moon last week?  As I drove up California I could see the sliver of a New Moon getting ready to set over the Pacific.  Magical.  And it reminded me that there is always something new coming into my life that can be magical if I let it, if I welcome it.  We learn from everything, joy and pain, and we can grow if we let ourselves.  The Full Moon is on October 11th when we release the old from our life.  Until then, keep bringing in and valuing the New.

But this week I am welcoming back something ‘old’ into my life – my hubby!  It’s been a period of growth but I’m ready to be together moving forward.  We’ve been apart for 3 ½ weeks, the longest separation in our 30 years together.  We’ve worked on ourselves and have each had responsibilities to discharge, we’ve talked and emailed several times each day, and we’ve grown.  Now it’s time to move into a new chapter in our lives.  Seattle, Sacramento [will we see you at Katrina Sawa’s event?], then Colorado Springs, Dallas, and on to Maryland.  Quite a journey with an amazing destination filled with family and old and new friends.  Enjoy your journey this week!

Have a special Autumn week!

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