MUSE-INGS: Pursue That New Idea!

New ideas float around all the time. Sometimes it’s fun to follow a new idea to see where it leads. And sometimes the new idea challenges us to explore those values that we have clung to for a long time, believing that they represented the truth. What do you do when you encounter a new idea?

Our habitual patterns dictate how we react when we encounter something new. In the animal kingdom there is often a wariness of something new being introduced into the environment. Have you ever watched a cat when a bug walks across its path. It sniffs, it bats at it, it might pick up the bug in its mouth and carry it around for awhile. The cat is playing with this ‘thing’ as it figures out what it is and what to do with it.

So often we do not allow ourselves to ‘play’ with an idea, to ponder it for awhile and let it unfold and display itself fully to us. Have you ever rejected something new as a knee-jerk reaction before you’ve fully explored it? We have probably all done that once or twice! But what if we decide that we will not reject new ideas out of hand when they are presented to us? What if we decide today to give ourselves a chance to stay with an idea, to play with it as the cat plays with the bug, to explore or to ponder that idea until we have learned what we can about and from that idea? We might even go so far as to decide that the idea has merit and we wish to adopt that idea as being true for us at this time.

When we force ourselves to cling to old thought, old ideas because they are comfortable to us we narrow our vision of the world until we cannot see expansively into the realm of ‘the greater’ – that which is beyond our little truth and exists in the cosmos as a reality of greater proportion than our own limited perspective. What would we believe if all humans of the past several centuries had done this? We would not have our understanding of the heavens if Galileo and Copernicus and Kepler had not worked with new ideas to advance our ability to learn about the cosmos and we would not have the Hubble Space Telescope sharing new information about our origins. If Einstein had not developed his theory of relativity, or Newton his ideas, or any number of other scientists had decided not to explore down avenues that had no known conclusion, we would all be living a very different life.

And it is not just the scientists who advance thought. The philosophers do it, too. What if the philosophers throughout time had not pondered the bigger questions for us? What would we believe today?

You might think that you are not a scientist or a philosopher, but you are. You are a human living in 21st Century Earth and you are therefore a co-creator of your reality. Your thoughts are things and become reality. Why would you choose to think the thoughts of days gone by simply because they are familiar and comfortable? Are you not curious about where new ideas might lead you? Do you have a desire to be a creative force in your own life?

Then allow yourself to ponder great questions. Read up on new thought and decide for yourself what you accept and what you question. Pursue that which you are interested in exploring further. Encourage those around you, especially the children, to be curious explorers of ideas. Challenge them to dig more deeply into an idea that intrigues them. Support your friends and family when they come up with something that is new to you. Foster the concept of research. Allow human consciousness to expand.


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