MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Think New Thoughts!

Dear Ones,

The measure of a person is not meant to be their business success or financial worth and it is not meant to be judged by others. Each individual must determine for himself or herself whether or not they feel that they are ‘measuring up’ to their life purpose, their reason for being on Planet Earth today.

How often do you ask yourself what your contribution to the growth of human consciousness has been today? Have you helped someone reach for a higher understanding today? Have YOU reached for a higher understanding today? What ideas have you spent your precious time researching or pondering or discussing? What new thoughts have you been evaluating? Whose spirits have you spent your energy uplifting today?

These are the activities of someone who is living their life purpose and contributing to the growth of human consciousness. Are you incorporating these activities in your day? And how do you evaluate your day? Are you valuing the time you spend pondering big questions or exploring new ideas, or do you only value the time in which you are being ‘productive’ according to society’s views?

When time is precious to you you realize that you have no time to waste on activities that do not advance all of humanity. Small thinking limits you and all those in your sphere of influence. Backward thinking, that is, embracing and idolizing the thinking of times past without updating that thinking to embrace new aspects of thought, holds back the advancement of all of humanity and serves no one except those who delight in having power over those who choose not to evolve. Be very careful not to contribute your energy to the efforts to hold back the advancement of human knowledge and consciousness!

Know that you can advance all of humanity by having one new thought and spending time pondering that thought. You create a new pathway in your brain when you have a new thought. You strengthen it when you think of it again, when you ponder that thought. The thought generates an energy, and that energy radiates from your electric brain into the collective consciousness and others can pick up on that thought and advance it. This synergy of thought pulls all of humanity onward in the growth of consciousness.

You might be wondering why this is important but we would say to you that it is the only thing that is important. Humans are designed to grow, to think, to think new thoughts, to wonder, to ponder, to cogitate. When people agree to stop thinking for themselves, when they decide to be only the followers of thoughts that are planted in their consciousness rather than to explore ideas on their own, then they are choosing to halt the advancement of all of human consciousness. Why do people choose to do this?

Out of fear. Fear is the reason that people hold back and ask to be told what to believe. People are afraid they will be disconnected from their tribe. They are afraid that they will be alone or unloved or even harmed if they disagree with the leaders to whom they have given their power. And people are afraid that, if they venture into the unknown they will lose their value to the group.

Many people refuse to dissent because they want to belong. This ‘herd mentality’ takes the entire tribe over the precipice into the space where they have no power to influence the outcome of their situation. It is important that you, as you learn to live a conscious life, decide that never again will you remain a part of the herd.

Step out and think the thoughts that take you into virgin territory, into the arena of new neural networks in your brain. Dare to explore ideas that those around you might be frightened of or might even disdain. Be fully human and test out new thought for yourself. Be fully human in the 21st Century and blaze a trail to a new consciousness. Everyone hearing these words has the potential to be this trail-blazer!

And so it is.


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