MUSE-INGS: “Just BE Who You Are!”

Be true to who you are.  Be your authentic self.  Just be you.

Does that concept confuse you?  Who ARE you, really?  Do you know?

It seems that we are supposed to know easily just who we are.  We can define the roles that we play: wife, mother, sister, grandmother, teacher, student, friend, etc.  But, does that really address who we are inside?  Who we were born to be in the Universe’s great scheme of things?  I think not.

So how do you answer the question of ‘Who are you, really?’

Try right now, for a few minutes, to come up with a good answer for that.  Don’t answer with what your roles are, or what your job is, or what your task for the day is, but really examine your inner being for some guidance here.  You are, of course, all of those roles, and all of the jobs and tasks, but there is something behind all of that that is very important for you to discover.

Who are you, really?

If you play with that idea, and catch yourself defining yourself by external measurements, then you will, at some point, start to get deeper answers that become more meaningful to you.  Are you hearing something about being a Being of Light?  Are you a Beacon?  Are you a Touchstone for others?  Are you a Giver?  A Listener?  A Timeless Spirit with a Gift to Share?  Who are you, really?

The possibilities are endless but they are not the same as ‘wife, mother, teacher, sister, etc.’ are they?

Bring your attention to how it feels as you explore who you really are.  Are you feeling confused?  Frustrated?  Angry?  Elated?  What are you feeling?  This will give you a clue about how close you are coming to the true answer to the question.

For many people, the answer to ‘Who am I?’ brings with it a feeling of the immense size of that answer.  And with that feeling of immensity comes the doubting energy that says, ‘Who do you think you are to be something that big?’  Am I right?  Did you hear that voice or something like it?  Well, let me tell you that that is not the voice of your inner self assisting you in accessing your authenticity, for who are you NOT to be that big?

The Universe and Mother Earth conspired to have you exist on this Planet at this time for the purpose of assisting the unfolding of the Universe’s Grand Plan.  You must step into your power, be the ‘who’ that you were born to be, so that you can fulfill your part in this Plan.  Who do you think you are to deny the Universe and Mother Earth your participation in this unfolding Grand Plan?  Aha, we have you there, right?

Thinking small and playing small do not serve you or anyone else.  Be the person you were born to be.  And do not worry about what you are to do.  ‘Being’ is more important than ‘doing.’  The ‘doing’ must follow from the ‘being’ who you are.

And Joy, a deep, abiding, inner sense of Joy, is the promised reward.


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