MUSE-INGS: “It’s Time to Shift for 2012!”

Everyone seems to have questions about 2012 and there are confusing sources of answers about what is coming. Let’s talk about what our responsibility is in the coming days.

Each individual is being called to their higher purpose and it is time to lift our heads up out of the sand, metaphorically, or at least out of the confusion of our physical lives, and look to the horizon of Life on Planet Earth. We have been humans on Earth for millennia. We have been growing and learning with the passage of each year. Sometimes societies have dropped back a bit in their evolution of Consciousness [they were, after all, called ‘The Dark Ages’] but there have always been people who are exploring the boundaries, reaching beyond the limits as generally understood, and seeing into the possibilities that exist.

And there have always been those who hold back, who love the status quo or are so afraid of change that they prefer to stay stuck where they are even if it is uncomfortable. Some of these have created a deity of gold, money and power. Some others have given away their personal power and cower in their feelings of helplessness and victimhood. Some people have hidden behind religions or ideologies or politics or movements and choose not to examine their personal responsibility within the context of an organization to which they belong. And some people have decided that their primary motivation is greed and that this world is a dog-eat-dog world so they must amass what fortune they can so that whatever happens in the future the money in their mattress will lift them up above all the others on the Planet.

Guess what? What’s coming is a shift in Consciousness, a lifting of the vibrational frequency of our Mother, the Earth. Money in the mattress has no bearing on what is coming. But fear of lack will hold you back from the evolution that lifts you into higher Consciousness.

Are you listening to economic reports and getting fearful? Are you worrying about paying your bills? Are you despairing of attaining your dreams because you see money slipping away from you? Stop this!

Dream your dreams. My business card is really a quote card with this thought that I penned on the front of it: ‘Always reach beyond what you can see – your Big Dream is there!’ If your finances aren’t what you would wish, shift your thinking. Everything that is happening in your life began as a thought. That thought was processed through your belief system. And your actions follow that. Do you believe that you can achieve your dreams? Do you care?

So now move beyond the circumstances of today in your life and look at life around you. Notice the sentence in the Mystic Message about greed: ‘It is greed for what one desires that brings on worries.’ LOVE your dreams into existence. Do not try to grab what you can. ALLOW your desires to be fulfilled. Stay at the vibration of your dreams.

Does this mean you can just sit and visualize without taking action? No. Remember: your thoughts are processed through your belief system and your actions follow. Thoughts without actions do not materialize your dreams. Unconscious, unexamined belief structures within us can block the realization of our dreams. Work at all three levels of your existence.

What thoughts are you inserting into the Collective Consciousness? Are you aware of your thoughts? When you speak, are you conscious of the words, emotions, meaning of what you are saying? What are you putting out there for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to access?

Have you worked to identify your belief structures, the system of beliefs under which you operate, consciously AND unconsciously? In my work with private clients we spend most of our time identifying what is going on unconsciously so that they can make conscious choices about the actions they will take. It is difficult to access what is going on at the unconscious level without a guide to help you. And this is very important work if you are going to lift your vibration to the level of your dreams from the physical problem level.

And then you must determine the actions that you will be taking. This is where learning to connect with your inner guidance and wisdom will help you to expand the possibilities for you to choose from when you decide on an action to take.

Alignment with your purpose, clearing away negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and deciding on actions from an expanded source of possibilities – this is how the Conscious Human lives into 2012. There’s no other way to shift into that higher vibration.


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