from The Divine Feminine: “2012 and What You Are Putting into the Collective Consciousness”

Dear Ones,

The world is a changing place. The coming energies of 2012 demand that each individual takes responsibility for his or her own life. No blaming others. No looking to others for rescue or salvation. No giving away of power. Each human being is called to claim their own inner power, no matter what the outside circumstances might indicate. Every individual must find their own voice.

But, and this is a big part of the coming times, each individual must also see that they are a part of a collective whole, that All Are One, for greed is the energetic force that convinces an individual that they are separate from the others. LOVE is the energetic force that calls forth compassion, an energy of compassion that is not born in pity but rather from an understanding that All are Connected in the Whole.

Isolationism will destroy the world if it is born out of greed and lack of compassion. Individuals need each other on a primal, survival level in the 21st Century. Very few people are totally self-sufficient, especially in the Western World, where people rely on methods of transportation that use fuels that deplete the health and vitality of Mother Earth. And yet many individuals are acting as if they are totally independent of all others. This is hypocrisy!

We are not just talking about having food, shelter, transportation and medical care here, but there is a societal factor to the interaction between and among human beings. People need other people. Conversation that uplifts and expands the individuals involved, or that brings nebulous ideas into clearer focus based on the synergy of the discussion is beneficial to all of humanity because of the resultant expansion of the Collective Consciousness.

Every person should see their thoughts, speech and actions as elements affecting the Collective Consciousness. Are you expanding that? Or are your thoughts, speech and actions having a deleterious effect on those around you and, thus, on the Collective Consciousness? What are you putting into this body of consciousness for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to access in the future?

You have a responsibility to future generations to avoid polluting the Collective Consciousness with negative energy. You have a responsibility to future generations to expand the world view from the tiny perspective based on greed to the expanded one that flows from the energy of Love.

Love cares that other human beings are suffering. Love understands that those who have much are required to share so that all on the planet might live. Love dictates that wars and killing are not the answers that move humanity forward in the evolution of Consciousness. Love teaches that one person’s choice for greed over Love constricts the energy not only of that one person but of all around them. Love is generous in thought, accepting others as they are, sharing from the heart, supporting others along their journey. Love does not judge. Love does not hate. Love does not set oneself up as better than others but seeks to understand and accept differences. Love reaches out to serve not to grab what it can. Love connects one to Source Energy so that miserliness and greed do not resonate and are eliminated.

Each person must now seek this kind of Love, for all worries and concerns are dissipated in the energy of Love. It is greed for what one desires that brings on worries. Surrendering to the flow of Love expands one so much that one’s Life can then encompass that which one desires in one’s heart. This way of Living will shift the Conscious Ones into the next vibration.

And that is the task for every human being now inhabiting Planet Earth.

And So It Is.


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