(c) Rosemary Bredeson The Scientific Mystic(tm) 2011 By the time you read this I’ll be settled into my temporary home in LA. This is a big adventure and I am hoping to see many of you during my months on the road! The focus of my work is to help people see through the crises around them into the field of all possibilities.If you are feeling dragged down by news and circumstances, I hope you will allow me to help by lifting you into a higher vision for your life. My private clients are finding great peace and confidence when they move forward with guidance that helps them to expand their thinking and, often, they get information about specific actionsthat can propel them forward with confidence. I have watched several over the past few weeks change furrowed brows to smiles, and this is what I wish for you! [This is why I use video conferencing for private sessions – so I can see those smiles! Sometimes the phone isn’t as fun but it works.]

On Saturday, August 13th, we experience a Full Moon at 11:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time. Do your work around this Full Moon! Write out what you are ready to release in your life – it can be a long list! – and burn it safely so that you are truly letting go. I will be letting go of our Colorado properties so that the next owners can start to enjoy them – a beautiful home in Colorado Springs and 18.45 acres of mountain splendor near Breckenridge. Our thoughts are in gratitude for having been given the privilege of enjoying these gifts while they were ours to enjoy, but it is time now to release them to the next lucky people. As we prepare for our move to Maryland this Fall, we are getting rid of a lot of ‘stuff.’ It feels good to create a big bag of clothes for someone who shops at Goodwill to enjoy, to pack up books that I think someone else is ready to read, to send warm coats off to those who need them. Letting go doesn’t have to mean bringing in anything new. It is freeing to simply let go! This is what the Full Moon energy is all about. [At the New Moon we will invite in new energies so be patient for 2 weeks.]

Remember that Mercury is retrograde until August 26th so watch other people on the road, read, re-read and then re-read again any contracts that you have to sign. Check your emails before you hit ‘send’. And take some time to go inside your heart and review where things stand for you today.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, please email me [] so we can hook up. I am looking for places/groups to present to and will be sharing information and guidance about preparing for 2012. If you know a group of entrepreneurs, especially women, or metaphysically-minded people who are curious about what’s coming, then please let me know so that I can get in touch with them. My desire is to reach as many people as I can with the message that there is hope for us all if we do our inner work and choose Love over greed.

Have a magical week!


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