MUSE-INGS: “Are you an Earthling?”

If you’re a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) then you remember that the Federation of Planets treated everyone from Earth as one race within the Universe of many.  I’ve always liked that concept of “we’re all Earthlings” and think the world would be a better place if we all embraced that thought.  Do you remember seeing the Blue Planet from space for the first time?  When NASA showed us what we look like from space I remember being so impressed that there weren’t any lines on the Planet the way there were on a globe and we looked like one big happy planet full of folks rather than distinct groups divided by arbitrary political lines.

The only lines of demarcation that were evident from space were those created by deforestation by one country that created a boundary line with another that had maintained the forests on their side of the border.  Human-created boundaries, not a natural feature of Mother Earth.

So now we are a globally-connected society, with school children on one side of the globe connecting with children on the other side and ‘seeing’ each other through the miracle of technology while they collaborate on projects.  Scientists have, for a long time, collaborated on projects without regard to nationality and from many different continents.  Shared goals seem to dissipate the artificial political boundaries of one country from another.

How wonderful it would be if we could approach global problems with this same perspective – shared goals.  What happens if we have a shared goal of ending poverty on Planet Earth in the 21st Century?  It’s doable.  Start with feeding and educating the children.  World hunger could be eliminated with very little (in the grander scheme of things) money, according to some studies that I’ve seen.  Educating the women of a poor country, giving them a trade, a skill, can bring whole villages out of poverty.

Economics, energy, health care, poverty, illiteracy, hunger, environmental issues.  These are problems that are global in nature and demand global solutions.  What if we could set aside our differences and focus on shared goals of solving problems without political or nationalistic territorialism getting in the way?  What if we all thought of ourselves as global citizens, all connected, so that distress to a village in another country distresses us in our privileged situation?  What choices would we make if we were constantly thinking about the impact of that choice on the Planet as a whole?

Do we really need for a Vulcan to come to Earth to teach us how to “Live long and prosper”? 

I think we have the resources to make decisions that can improve life on Planet Earth in this year and for many years to come.  BUT that won’t happen until we embrace the concept that we are all connected.  All of Mother Earth’s children,  whether human or animal or tree, deserve a chance to exist on her surface with her support.  This Mother does not play favorites among her children.  We are all entitled to share in the love of the Mother.  And to share in her resources.

As a globally-connected society of human beings, shouldn’t we be reaching out across all boundaries and looking for ways to improve the lives of ALL who live here now?  What do you think?  Are you ready to discuss these thoughts with others?  Post comments on blogs, including  Chat with your family about these ideas.  What do your friends think?  Notice who seems to adopt an isolationist view and how that shows up in other choices that they are making.  Not to judge, but to observe.  And how do you REALLY feel?

I hope you will share these thoughts with others and engage in enlightening discussions, Earthling! 




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