THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE: “Do you think as a Citizen of Planet Earth?”

Dear Ones,

Who are you in the global sense?  Do you think of yourself as a citizen of Earth or are you wedded to your own town, country, continent or hemisphere?  The time has come for every human being on Planet Earth at this time to lift up their consciousness and consider themselves to be a citizen of Earth.

If you are wondering why this is so important at this time it is because there are so many problems that are global issues and thinking in small-minded approaches to these problems will not yield the best results.  The citizens of one country who do not consider the effects their decisions have on others in the world are missing the opportunity to participate in far-reaching solutions.  History will deem them very small-minded indeed.  And the solutions being found for global problems by other nations will ultimately cause economic and social harm to those who persist in their limited thinking.

In times past people did not traverse the globe for short trips or business meetings or short vacations with the family to a foreign country.  When someone traveled in the past they were often gone from home for months or years at a time.  There were no telephones or computers to use to connect with others across the Planet.  Now, however, people will fly across the country for one day, or hop to another continent for a weekend.  Computers and telephones allow people to be instantly connected with others anywhere in the world.  The world has changed dramatically in the last century and, yet, there are many people who have not expanded their thinking into this global perspective.

Think about those around you who have never left the country in which they were born.  What is their perspective on the bigger issues facing humanity today?  The television has certainly brought into consciousness many global issues because the images are put before people who are not directly involved.  Computers hook up those who live on opposite sides of Earth so that collaboration can take place without regard to physical location.  Shouldn’t these advances also have an impact on the search for solutions to those problems that are global in nature?

How do you answer questions from friends in foreign countries when they ask about your country and its impact on theirs?  Do you even think about this when you are considering decisions that you make?  Think in the microcosm, such as recycling your waste to help your local community and not putting into landfills that which is toxic to the environment, and then extrapolate into the macrocosm and consider how your choices can have an impact in the two dimensions of space and time.  What are the choices that you are making for the Planet and what is the impact on your descendants?  How are the choices you are making having an effect on your environment?

Every choice that you make today will have an impact, both on Planet Earth and on future inhabitants of the Planet.  Do you think in these terms?

Become conscious of your role on Planet Earth as a global citizen.  Are you being a good steward of the Planet in this time and for the future?  Are you relating harmoniously to your immediate environment so that your footprint will not leave a permanent impact?  Are your choices today good for those who live in other countries, on other continents, in the other hemisphere?  Can the choices you make today be sustained if everyone else on Planet Earth at this time made the same choices?

Consider these things so that your conscious decisions are made from the global perspective.  At this time, Earth is the only Planet you have to live on!

And so it is.



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