This is our 104th issue of Wisdom Connections weekly ezine – the end of two full years of producing the ezine every single week!  It’s no little task to put this together every week and Richard and I have been doing this alone for 104 weeks.  Thank you, Richard, for your tireless work with an emailer that sometimes acts up [almost every week!] and in editing what I type [sometimes it’s good that you’re a perfectionist].  And thank you for reading this ezine every week.  I hope you have been guided, enlightened, amused and helped by the words contained in the last two years of this work.  If you are new to Wisdom Connections , the archives are available to you so you can pick up what you might have missed.  It’s rewarding that so many of you read and comment every week on what The Divine Feminine want you to know!

Next week you’ll be seeing a new format for the ezine.  Our friend, Debbie McNeill, has put together a beautiful template and we will be unveiling it with our first issue for Volume 3, the third year of Wisdom Connections.  You will continue to see the issue in your email on Friday mornings.  Please let us know how you like the new format!

In honor of the occasion of completing 2 years of weekly ezines, I’d like to offer you a special 2-for-1 offer!  If you refer a new client who completes a one-hour coaching session with me, you can have a free one-hour session for yourself!  Think about someone who might benefit by learning their Essential Life Purpose, hearing a message from their angels and/or guides, or connecting to a loved one who has crossed over to The Other Side.  [Hint, you can gift them with the session or split the cost with them so you each pay only half of the regular investment!]  This offer is good for the first month of the new year of ezines [until July 3, 2011] so send me an email at for more info or to schedule the appointments.

June 16th is the date for the Amazon bestseller campaign for the collaborative book for which I wrote a chapter!  Get Your Woman On! Is being launched that day and it would be great if you would put it on your calendar to go to Amazon on June 16th and order a copy.  When you order that day you will receive a boatload of special bonuses from me and my amazing co-authors, who include Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Sandra Yancey, Kimber Lim, Barbara Niven.  The book contains the stories of some wonderful transformational women who are all working to create community and a new paradigm of collaboration.  I think you’ll like it!  But be sure to order your copy ON JUNE 16TH so Amazon will rate it as a bestseller!  Thanks!

How did you feel during the eclipse at the New Moon on Wednesday, June 1, 2011?  Hold onto your hat because there are 2 more eclipses in the next 30 days – at the Full Moon on June 15 and at the next New Moon on July 1. [These are the dates in the Mountain Time Zone.]  This is a time to raise our consciousness and invite in the energy of new thought.  A good time for reflection on the ideas that you have brought forward from the past that might need some re-thinking now.  Don’t believe everything you think!

Where’s Rosemary?  We’ll be in LA June 3-9  for Ali Brown’s MPC Platinum Event then on to Maryland and some time with the family before heading to New York City for Baeth Davis’ Spotlight Event where I will be filming a video of my signature talk.  Stay tuned for some new video offerings!  Back to Maryland for Father’s Day with the grandkids then home to Colorado.  A busy month!  I still have some evenings open in those cities/areas if you would like to host a Conversation with The Other Side, a fun & educational event for you and a few friends to get messages from angels/guides/loved ones.  Contact me for more information.

Have a beautiful week!



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