MUSE-INGS: “Power is a loaded concept!” by Rosemary Bredeson

We often think of power when we think of governments or titans of business or the power of the strong over the weak.  But I like to think of power as electricity, the power that runs the computer or the dishwasher, the power that enhances the usefulness of an appliance or a person because they are plugged into the source.

Where does your power come from?  Are you constantly looking outside yourself for validation or energy or acceptance?  If so, are you giving away your power to others?

I know it is not easy to admit that we are giving away our power but it happens all the time, and often in subtle ways.  If someone is really bugging you, do you let it eat away at you all day?  That’s a form of giving away your power.  How about a romantic partner?  Are you holding in your feelings and going along with what they want instead of standing up for yourself or speaking your mind in the relationship?  This is another way that it is easy to give away your power.  How about at work or in your business – are you constantly deferring to others rather than standing up for your opinions and backing up your own suggestions? You give away your power at work, too.

There are times in every parent’s life when they choose to give power to the 2-year-old tyrant because the parent has become exhausted by the tantrum.  Admit it, you’ve probably done this once or twice if you’re a parent.  And if you have a pet, you have probably, once or twice, given them an extra treat when they whined or performed or begged, right?

What about when you didn’t vote in an election and were disappointed in the result – did you give away your power then?  Have you stood by silently and allowed one person to tell a joke that offended someone else in the group?  That’s another way of giving away your power.

There are so many situations in your life that give you an opportunity to claim your power as it comes from within you or to quietly allow that power to drift away from you.  We do it with our parents, our kids, our bosses, our mates, even our pets.  But the most insidious giving up of our powers comes when we fail to examine our beliefs, our own thoughts.  Sometimes we give our power up to a belief that has been handed down to us for generations because we never stop to examine that belief and to question whether it is actually true for us today.

Have you ever seen a family of doctors where the family belief is that all the male children become doctors?  Or ‘everyone in our family is a lawyer/farmer/accountant/teacher/whatever’?  And how often is there a child in the family who has amazing talent as a dancer or a painter but they allow that to be a hobby because they feel compelled to become a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher?   They give away their power to the belief that came from outside of them.

When I work with clients we often uncover beliefs that they aren’t even aware they are carrying but that cause them to give away their inner connection to their power because they’ve never examined that belief before.  Ask yourself if there are any beliefs about power or your inner power that you can examine and maybe choose to change.

Beliefs are powerful things.  Make sure you are choosing consciously to believe what you believe.  Examine the source of your beliefs, especially around power.  It is a good thing to be in touch with your inner power.  This is not the same as exerting power over the powerless.  See if you have any hidden beliefs around this issue that might be holding you back from manifesting your Life Purpose on the Planet.  This exercise could turn your Life around!


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