THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Find Your Source of True Power!”

Dear Ones,

There are movements underway to distract people from what really matters in the hearts of human beings.  Be careful that you are not the victim of disinformation or misleading information that might cause you to support a movement that is not what it appears on the surface.

People in power are afraid of losing their power.  Those who do not feel that they have power are afraid that the situation will never change.  There seems to be a misconception about ‘power’ and its source and we would instruct you about this.

True power comes from an inner connection to the Source of power in the Universe.  Human beings breathe Life into their bodies at the moment of their birth.  When they breathe Mother Earth’s atmosphere for the first time they are connecting to a lifetime on Earth that is in their soul blueprint.  From this moment of their first breath humans have a power source within them that connects them to their Life Purpose, their reason for incarnating on this particular Planet.  This connection allows a human being to live that Life Purpose and to be the person they came to Earth to be.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase ‘Human Being, not Human Doing’ and that is a significant distinction to make.  You incarnated to BE the human that your spirit chose and to learn the lessons that your soul came here to learn.  The DOING part comes after you are in touch with your purpose.  You are not on Earth to DO but to BE.  When you understand this, then you can proceed to a deeper understanding of what the word ‘power’ really means.

Those who choose to interpret ‘power’ to mean ‘power over someone else’ are choosing a selfish path depending on doing something.  They don’t understand the concept of the human BE-ing nor do they understand the soul having lessons to learn and the spirit being an eternal part of the total human being.  These ‘power over’ folks are always seeking more people over whom they can have this kind of power.

Look at those who choose to deride the weak, the elderly, the youth, the different.  The reason that they are so convinced of their superiority is that they are seeking power over others and they are disconnected from an inner sense of innate power that comes from being a human being.  When one disconnects from one’s inner source of power then one can only look outside oneself for a way to feel powerful.  Thus, these ‘disconnected ones’ choose the path of exerting power over others.

They are pitiable creatures as they go through their lives seeking something, they know not what, that will make them feel better about themselves.  There is no contentment in finding power over others for this power beast is insatiable – there are never enough others to satisfy the hunger for more power.  And, therefore, they cannot ever be content.

On the other hand, those who find that inner connection to the source of Life will find their power comes from knowing who they are, knowing what their Life Purpose on Earth is and manifesting that purpose in the outer world.  These powerful people contain the power to make huge changes in the world if they so desire.  They are not easily misled by others, especially those who strive to have power over them.  The truly powerful do not fall victim to misinformation because they are willing to seek truth and they are unwilling to give away their power to another.

Most people fall in the middle of these two, forgetting that their power lies within and seemingly unable to fight against those who would wield power over them.  If this is you, then wake up to the truth that your power lies within.  Take off your blinders and see the others for who they truly are.  Seek information based on facts, not purposely misleading information or outright lies.  Find your inner power and live from that place within you.

Each of you seeing these words is a powerful person.  Reach inside and convince yourself of this truth.  Ask for help if you need for someone to hold the torch for you and to shine the light upon your inner connection to your own power.  The world awaits you!

And so it is.



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