It’s been a delight to be at home for awhile and to experience Springtime in the Rockies – snow, rain, sunshine, thunder, heat, cold, windows open, then fireplace lit.  The grass is starting to turn back to green, the robins are here every day along with the deer and the rabbits.  The leaves are starting to appear.  It is a season of new life for all of Mother Nature’s realm!

The Full Moon occurs on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 8:44 PM Mountain Time.  Think of this time as your opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ to those disempowering beliefs that hold you back from your excellence.  What are you ready to let go of?  Spend some time this weekend with that question.  We’re doing the letting go physically – multiple boxes to Viet Vets, old electronics to Goodwill, furniture to the consignment shops.  Decide to let go of something this weekend and then follow through.

I recorded the first podcast for radio – The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson!  It was great fun to be in a real recording studio and the show will become available soon on the website and on iTunes.  We should have details on dates in next week’s ezine.

As we experience all the new life of Spring in the northern hemisphere this is a good time to think about clearing out the clutter of your old beliefs and negative thoughts.  I am offering a special program of three sessions at a reduced rate so that you can do that inner work and get ready to move beyond limiting beliefs to fully claim your power.  Send me an email at and we can set up a FREE Discovery Call to explore how we can work together to do that inner Spring Cleaning!

And remember that if you’d like to host a Conversation with The Other Side at your home this Spring, you can attend for free!  Please send me an email if you’re interested in exploring this!

Have a wonderful Full Moon week!  You might want to do some ritual, or just sit outside and enjoy the energy and light, at the time of the Full Moon on Sunday evening.


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