MUSE-INGS: “Make sure you are moving TOWARD something!”

We are always avoiding pain but does that give us enough impetus to keep going after the danger or pain is over?  I think of the wealthy people who are motivated by avoiding poverty.  The farther from poverty they get the less motivated they can become to make money and they lose it/go bankrupt.  But then they become motivated to make money again to avoid poverty so they make lots more money.  This is a cycle with people who are motivated to move away from the pain of poverty.

When we follow a pattern of avoiding pain we must be careful to shift our gears to moving toward something instead of always moving away from pain.  Notice that the ‘moving away from’ energy diminishes the farther one gets from pain.  But what takes over?  Where is the motivation after the pain is no longer a problem?

The person who would live a Conscious Life knows what they are moving toward.  There is a desire to expand awareness, to grow in Consciousness, that keeps one motivated to learn more, to experience more, to continue to grow.  There has to be an attachment to that movement forward to carry the person into further growth.  It cannot be only about avoiding pain.

Too many people have been struggling in their lives to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and so they have struggled to maintain a lifestyle that is not in alignment with their income or life purpose.  These people have been trying to avoid a negative comparison with someone else.  Or they have believed that they are entitled to have whatever their neighbor has and they want to avoid embarrassment.  But living in a way that is based on avoiding the pain of embarrassment does not move one into higher consciousness.  This choice does not expand consciousness or awareness.  It is actually a limiting energy because it is based on a comparison with someone else and a desire to avoid coming up short.

What is your motivation in your daily life?  Are you constantly taking action to avoid pain or do you move toward pleasure?  Might there be a balance that is needed in your life?

Looking at what motivates you can give you some real insights into your own value structure.  If you are constantly avoiding pain without deciding what you are moving toward then examine your value structures to determine what really matters to you and what it is that you desire to bring into your life.

You will not be living your life to the fullest if all you do is make choices to avoid the next pain!


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