THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Pleasure and Pain. Pain and Pleasure.”

Dear Ones,

Pleasure and Pain.  Pain and Pleasure.

These are the two main motivators.  People are motivated to move toward Pleasure and to avoid Pain.

Think about this in your relationships, in business and in life.  Are you offering the other person pleasure in their interaction with you?  Are you offering them respite from their pain?  Or are you bringing something else to the relationship?  Are you increasing their pain or diminishing or blocking their pleasure?  Likewise, what are they bringing to you in the relationship?

Lab animals are studied in psychology laboratories because it is so easy to introduce pleasure and/or pain into their environments.  But human beings are not lab animals.  There are huge differences, the main one being that humans have more control over their environments than lab animals have.

So humans can choose to avoid pain or to seek pleasure.  And these choices can be made consciously or unconsciously.  One doesn’t have to think too hard or too long before removing one’s hand from a hot stove.  But in other situations there can be nuances and rationalizations and multiple sources of conflicting information that make choosing a direction or a next step more difficult.

In some abusive relationships a person may not be willing to assess the situation in the present and may be influenced by past energies, experiences or even past lives.  In some cases, especially in business relationships, abuse can take a very subtle form of discounting, ignoring, dismissing.

Every individual deserves to be treated as a valuable person with ideas to contribute, thoughts that are worth considering, feelings that are to be included, whether the relationship is business or personal.  Every person deserves to be in relationships that do not bring pain to them.

We acknowledge that sometimes there is disappointment or discomfort in a relationship that is growing/evolving, but that relationship should not be the direct source of pain, such as mental, emotional or physical abuse.

And so individuals who would live a Conscious Life must be looking at what is motivating them to take the next step or to avoid taking a step.  Is that step being taken to avoid some pain?  Or is it being taken to move toward some pleasure?  And if the answer is to avoid pain, then there must be some positive motivating force, some pleasure, to move toward after one has accomplished the avoidance of the pain.

Ask yourself which is your biggest motivator and then use that information to set up ‘motivating milestones’ for yourself.  Have you gotten stuck somewhere in your life?  Are you wishing you could move forward but, for some reason, are not able to?  Are you confused about which direction to take and the confusion is paralyzing you?

Your usual motivators may not be strong enough to get you moving from where you currently are.  Get help identifying what energy is holding you back.  Clear up the blocks.  Gain clarity about the direction you really wish to pursue.

And THEN get motivated and get going!

And so it is.



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