There’s no place like home!  No, I’m not clicking the heels of my ruby slippers but I AM glad to be home.  My goal now is to see dust gather on my suitcases as I plan to stay home for a couple of months.  It’s nice to be able to plan without having to give up a day to be on airplanes or driving to/from places.

So I will be in Colorado Springs through May and will be looking forward to seeing my Colorado friends.  I’ll be at a Self-Care Fair on April 28th at the COS Pride Center, 6:30 – 8:30.  And I’ll be at the CO Springs eWomenNetwork event on April 15th.  Hope to see you while I’m in town!

We’re working on some programs that we’ll be offering soon so those plans are developing faster now that we’re staying put.  The first podcast radio show will be available on Saturday, April 16th.  If you want to have a question answered by The Scientific Mystic please send the question via email to and we’ll consider including that question in the broadcast.  Set your calendars to pick up the new podcasts every third Saturday of the month!  The Scientific Mystic Podzine with Rosemary Bredeson.

I am looking for people who would like to host a Conversation with The Other Side in their homes for up to 12 people.  The host will attend the event for free!  I’ll be in Colorado Springs for April and May, visiting Maryland, Los Angeles and New York City in June.  And I might be able to squeeze in a trip to your area another time.  These are such fun events where everyone gets a personal message from an angel, guide or loved one on The Other Side, and there is a lot of teaching about many topics during the evening.  Always some laughter, too.

And if you’re interested in having a Scientific Hand Analysis done, let me know!  This is powerful information for you to add to your coaching experience.  Did you know that your fingerprints are uniquely yours and so they must have a special message for you about why you are on Planet Earth?  We can include this in a coaching session or spend more time when you sign up for a 3-session coaching package with me.  Email:

I hope you are enjoying the season!  We’re seeing the wildlife visiting our yard every day – deer and bunnies and magpies, oh, my!



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