Home again, home again, jiggety jig.  My father used to say that as we pulled up to our house after being away, even for only a few hours.  I’m happy to be home even if only for 2 nights in my own bed!  Our Hand Analysis Training in LA with Baeth Davis was wonderful.  She attracts the most amazing people and it’s great to immerse yourself in a warm, welcoming community while doing something as much fun as scientific hand analysis.  Plus we got to play with friends and family in LA sunshine while there were more snowflakes in Colorado – I am OK with that!

So now we’re gearing up for some great new things coming up on the horizon.  The collaborative book, Get Your Woman On!, for which I wrote a chapter, will be hitting Amazon in May so stay tuned for info on how to pre-order your copy.  On a particular day in early May I’ll let you know the instructions so you can pre-order and receive an amazing collection of bonuses from the authors! Soon!

Coming in April – my new internet podcast radio show: The Scientific Mystic PodZine with Rosemary Bredeson.  This podcast will be available April 16th through the website and on podcast sites.  There will be a channeled message and my commentary on the message, similar to this ezine format, and there will also be a period of Q&A wherein I will answer questions that have been sent in to me via email.  I’d love to have your input for questions to answer on the first show! Please send questions to: and I will select some for the show.  This should be a fun adventure into radioland for us with a new show available every month for you to download for your listening pleasure! And it’s FREE!

Remember that Mercury went retrograde on March 30 and it won’t be until April 23rd that it goes direct again.  Be cautious driving and notice that communications can get very garbled when it appears to Earthlings as if Mercury is going backwards in the sky!  We’ve noticed already that miscommunications abound.  A good time to go inward and do some reflecting.  We also have a New Moon on Sunday April 3rd at 8:32 AM MDT.  As this old Moon wanes release what doesn’t serve your highest good and on Sunday start welcoming in what you desire for your life.  Start anew with every New Moon!

Have a wonderful week!


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