THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Relationships are merely mirrors???!!!”

Dear Ones,

When a person struggles with intimacy issues or with issues within an intimate relationship that issue has nothing to do with the other person or even the relationship.  The issue is an inside issue of being honest with and trusting the Self. The relationship is merely the crucible, the classroom, in which one is being given the opportunity to learn the lesson.

People often project their issues onto the people or the world around them.  Others feel the ‘attack’ and react to that with defensiveness or retaliation.  But projection implies that a person’s Self, inner being, is looking for a mirror in which to see that issue.  If someone else projects onto you, see that as their opportunity to learn a lesson, regardless of whether or not they take that opportunity to learn it.

Where most people get tripped up is in reacting to the projection as if it had something to do with them.  It doesn’t.  And the sooner one learns this the easier one’s life will be.

Other people are on the Earth for 2 purposes: 1) To learn their lessons [foremost]; and 2) To help you learn yours.

That is the simple reason for having a lifetime in the School of Earth – to accomplish those 2 purposes.

And, yet, most people spend most of their time reacting to someone else learning their lessons or to ignoring actively the learning of their own.

The Earth is a lovely home in which to be home-schooled.  Lessons abound in every situation.  Everything in the environment is placed there to help you learn.  It is a wonderful setup for personal growth and Soul Evolution.

Yet most humans spend their time resisting the lessons, railing against their environment [and situations] or numbing out to avoid personal growth.

What a choice!

Choose the lessons and Soul Evolution.  You’ll be much happier in your Earth Environment!

And so it is.



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