We’re back in LA for Baeth Davis’ Hand Analysis Training.  It’s fun being in Hollywood and learning more about hand analysis.  This is such a great way to discover your Life Purpose – it’s in your hands!  I am starting to use this helpful tool for self-knowledge in private sessions where clients are seeking the answers to the questions asked in this Mystic Message and Muse-ings.  Do YOU know why you are on Planet Earth at this time?  This would be a good time to schedule a session to explore your life purpose, to learn about your soul group and to shift the beliefs that are holding you back from your greatness.  Why waste any more time wondering?  Let’s get you moving on this path!  Send me an email so we can get you on the

We are celebrating Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of the astrological year.  There is plenty of fire in the charts for this season so let the fire remind you to be the Light that you are inside.  Start those projects, build the base of the new projects, but be aware that Mercury is going retrograde next week [on March 30th] so be careful about driving, contracts and communications.

Have a wonderful week and remember to let your Light Shine like the returning Sunlight!




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