MUSE-INGS: We’ve All Been Waiting for You! by Rosemary Bredeson

So many people seem to be struggling with Life these days and this message tells us that we need to focus our energies on living our Life Purpose.

It’s true.

Struggles come from a conflict within us about how the world works and what our role is in that world.  Sometimes it’s just a shift in attitude that can help us get into a more comfortable stance within a situation that hasn’t changed.  And sometimes shifting our beliefs can bring solutions into clear view that were totally obscured before then.

I remember my mother saying that she was ‘too old to change’ but then she ‘changed my attitude.’  Actually, that’s the place where real change takes place:  in our attitude, our beliefs, our thoughts.

More and more of the clients I am working with are perplexed about their life purpose and they seem to be seeking confirmation of what they have been feeling but maybe not believing or understanding.  I find that often a simple change in perspective can help someone make a profound shift in their life and how they feel about that life.  Is that where you are?

And are you the one who is making the decisions about the direction of your life or are you allowing someone else to make those decisions for you?  It is time to take control of your life and you start with examining beliefs and thought patterns so that you can consciously align with your life purpose.

Do you feel you have an understanding of why you are on Planet Earth and who you are here to be?  Do you regularly spend time asking yourself about the important aspects of your life or are you waiting for some date in the future before you do that introspection?

The Divine Feminine are telling us that the time is now for us to show up to our lifetime lessons because others have been waiting for us.  No more delays.  No more procrastination.

People’s stories are making the news reports because they are learning or not learning their lessons.  Disasters happen.  People leave the planet in large numbers.  Life can change in an instant.  The time is now to step fully into the agreement you have with your soul group – to be who you incarnated to be.

Step up to the greatness you have within you.  You are a part of the Light of the Universe.  No longer will you be allowed to keep that Light hidden in the shadows.  Shine.  Shine brightly so that all may see that you are here in the fullness of your inner beauty and outward brightness.

We’ve all been waiting for you to shift into the shining Light that is your essence.  Shed that which blocks your Light from our view.  BE the Light in the World that we have been waiting for.

Thank you!


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