Sombrero GalaxyGreetings from a happy Summer camper! We had the windows open and the a/c off for the Fourth of July weekend and that is a rare thing in Maryland. LOVE when Summer temps aren’t sweltering! But then soon enough the heat and humidity are back reminding us of why the hazy days of summer can be so lazy!

As Summer heats up, so can problems – at work, in relationships, in your life. Saturday, July 12 at 7:25 am Eastern Daylight Time we  experienced a Full Moon in Capricorn, a super moon. That means that the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in the opposite sign, in Capricorn. We’re being called to look at how we balance taking care of ourselves with taking care of others. And at the Full Moon the energies support our letting go of what no longer serves us, including beliefs and negative thinking. What ideas can you release this weekend? What can you do to take care of yourself first? Remember that all love flows from self-love. You can’t help others if you aren’t doing a good job of taking care of yourself. And we are still in the super moon energy.

The clients I am working with this Summer are poised for some amazing growth! 2014 is holding the energy to support quantum leaps. Are you feeling it? Do you feel as if you’re ready for a big transition – your own quantum leap? No Summer vacation in personal growth this year!

Because there seems to be so much happening on the Planet at this time, my guides have asked me to offer TWO events of channeled wisdom this month.

Last evening, Sunday, July 13th, the Oracle spoke through me. The message was a long one and very specific about how we are to be being now. The message will be available for purchase shortly.

Then again, on Wednesday, July 23 at 7:00 pm EDT, The Oracle Speaks – Another Evening of Wisdom Channeled from The Divine Feminine with a new message.

I will be channeling a different message next week. You can join us LIVE either in person (in Severna Park, Maryland) or online.  You are able to ask questions after the message has been delivered, whether in person or online. These evenings are special, educational and funThe Divine Feminine have quite a sense of humor!

Details and registration here

Last Friday’s Exploration included excerpts from a message I channeled from The Divine Feminine a while ago about the Cycles of the Moon and why you can benefit from paying attention to them. The full audio of that message is available in our shopping cart for a small investment: Purchase Here It is very helpful to have this advice when we are dealing with super moons!

Every time The Divine Feminine speak they impart wisdom that is practical and helps guide us to living a Conscious Life. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what they have said in the past as well as what they tell us in the two events this month. Please join us!

Since we are still in the Full Moon energy, be careful of drivers out there who are distracted and maybe even a little foggy. Not you, of course – but just those whose bodies are mostly water!

Have a great week. What are you releasing to this Full Moon?


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