Following my very successful Playshop last week I am busy implementing my own advice! Yes, I’m adding more pictures, words and Goddess card guidance to my 2014 Guidebook, the product of my Playshop. What a fun way to gain both inner and inter-dimensional guidance and document it as an aid to a productive year!

If you are looking for ways to gain guidance, plot your Lunar Year, address limiting beliefs, cut unfavorable cords, discover a new guide for the year and connect to your bodacious wish for the year, this Possibilities Playshop is a great way! And I’m creating a product to help. Look for details here

Meanwhile I am following my own guidance and doing some inner work to further aid me in my journey. Connect to me on Facebook, Twitter or through my weekly Ezine; Subscribe

To learn more about me, visit www.TheScientificMystic.com



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