very-old-moonHappy Lunar New Year TODAY!!! Welcome to the Year of the Horse! Can you feel the energy pulsating with the pawing of the horse’s hoofs ready to pound forward at a gallop? The time has arrived!

This is a potent New Moon Super Moon New Lunar Year. You might be feeling the energy and it’s exciting! New Possibilities. New Dreams. New way of BEING YOU. Tap into this energy and create a fantastic year for yourself.

At the recent Possibilities Playshop 2014 participants created a Playbook based on how they wanted to feel, what their focus would be, what their guidance sounds like. The book was not about a goal or a vision board about what they wanted to have or to buy. They created a journal to help them move through the Moon Cycles of the Lunar Year tapping into their own inner wisdom to allow the year to flow with grace and ease while they focus on Being who they came here to be. We had an amazing, fun day together! (When you get the recording you’ll see that we captured my dropping my burning ‘Bodacious Wish’ onto the table! A little emergency and lots of laughs!) And the Playbooks we created were filled with fun and hopes and our ‘Bodacious Wish’ for the year.

Some people couldn’t be here in person and are working with the recording to generate their Playbook. There was a lot of fun while we cleared blocks, met our guides, created our Playbooks. I’ve been asked if the recording can be made available to those who didn’t pre-register and I’ve decided to offer it now at the same investment level as the Early Bird Discount allowed, only for a limited period of time and only to my MuseLetter community. So, if you couldn’t make it to our really fun day for the Possibilities Playshop 2014, here’s where you can register to get the recording. REGISTER AND I’ll also send you the bonuses to help you make the most of this year’s energies. Jump on board now and create your own Playbook!

And PLAN TO JOIN US FOR THE POSSIBILITIES PLAYSHOP 2015! Mark February 7, 2015 on your calendar and we’ll get you ready for another amazing Lunar Year! Start collecting pictures throughout the year that resonate with who you are. Remember, this isn’t about the vision board you’ve done in the past. This is about BEING YOU!

Happy Groundhog Day! This happens on Sunday, February 2 and we’ll be eager to see if Punxsutawney Phil, the Pennsylvania groundhog, sees his shadow. If he does it indicates 6 more weeks of Winter. (Of course, if you look at the calendar, we have 6 more weeks before the Spring Equinox anyway, but it’s a fun tradition in the US.) We also have the Super Bowl on the same day so there will be a lot of partying as we gather with family to watch the best TV commercials of the year.

And a head’s up for you – Mercury goes Retrograde on Thursday, February 6 at 4:43 pm Eastern Time. This is when it appears, from the perspective of Earth, as if Mercury is traveling backward in space for 3 weeks. This is a time to pay close attention to details, especially in communications and contracts. And everyone gets a little distracted during these periods so drive defensively.

Enjoy all the ‘New’ energy this weekend! In Asia this is a time of great celebration. In the US we’re celebrating by watching grown men knock each other down chasing a football. Hmmmm….

May this New Wood Horse Year bring you all your ‘Bodacious Wishes’!

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