whirlpool plusHello from chilly, wintry Maryland!

Get ready for the New Year! Lunar New Year, that is. With our second New Moon this month, on Thursday, January 30, at 4:36 pm Eastern Standard Time, we have another opportunity in January to invite in new possibilities. The Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse starts on Friday, January 31, honoring the Moon Cycle of the year. The energy of the coming week is about cleaning up the old ‘stuff’ from last year and maybe even from decades of ‘old thinking.’

Have you broken any of your New Year’s Resolutions from the Western New Year, January 1? Don’t feel bad! Lots of folks make resolutions but find them difficult to maintain and, by the end of January, they’re out the window and those same folks are feeling that they’ve somehow failed, perhaps with a ‘yet again’ attached.

That’s why we in RosemarySpace don’t believe in those old-fashioned resolutions! We start the year with Chinese New Year and get through the January blahs, the packing up of holiday decorations, the putting away of or returning of gifts, the clearing out of the old year’s junk so that we can pull in the new energy of the year with this Lunar New Year New Moon.

The Possibilities Playshop is deliberately scheduled for just before this New Year so that all those resolutions that you might have thought you ‘should’ make can be out the window while you ponder who you want to BE in the New Year! Even if you can’t join us TOMORROW for the Playshop, you can still benefit by registering to receive the bonuses, exercises, materials list, etc. and the recording of the Playshop so that you can experience this new way of approaching the year at your own leisure. When you join in the fun you’ll be ‘playing’ with creating a guidebook for 2014, practicing tuning in to your own guidance for the year, planning little surprises and rewards for yourself through the year, clearing blocks and fears that might hold you back, and lots of other activities/visualizations that wil l help you with your focus on being who you ARE. AFTER you create your guidebook, you can plan what you will DO, but you will be a much more powerful planner when you have already claimed the YOU that you want to BE! For you, as a subscriber to the MuseLetter, there is a discount code so that you can register to receive the recording and all the other goodies, at the Early Bird Discount rate of only $97 – enter coupon code PLAY to get your discount. Here’s where you’ll find more info: PlayShop Link

I’m thinking of making this an annual event as a way to start each year with a focus on BEing vs. DOing. Feedback on this idea is appreciated!

We had our first big snow in Maryland! 6+ inches is a lot for us to shovel. [OK, Richard did all the shoveling!] Tara, our Lhasa Apso, must remember that her breed is originally from Himalayan Tibet because she loves the cold weather and the snow. I like to look at it from the comfort of INSIDE my warm home! I am hunkering down during these winter months to get the book done – hurray! You might not see me at as many networking events or gatherings because this is ‘cave time’ for those of us in the northern hemisphere. I hope my efforts to get the book written result in a good experience for the readers. Stay tuned to the saga! I have blocked off some time to continue to do private consultations each week so send me an email if you’d like some help getting yourself clear about goals, direction, next steps for this year or if you have some blocks you’re ready to clear.

Stay warm! Although my friends Down Under keep posting on facebook about how hot they are. Shall I send you some snow?

Have a week filled with New Ideas!!!


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