CepheidHappy Holidays 2013! And Happy New Year 2014!

As we celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new year, reflecting on the past year is a good way to gain insight that can help us create the 2014 of our dreams.

I’ve selected (actually, been guided to share) some excerpts from articles in theMuseLetters throughout 2013. You will see that they are not in chronological order but they put together a story about moving forward, through blocks and stuck places, into being who we were born to be. (Watch for the article next Wednesday.)

Are you ready for a new year to begin? Are you ready to leave the old year behind? Have you learned from 2013? Do you know what you desire for 2014? And are you willing to commit to being/doing what it takes to make 2014 the year of your dreams?

All of my clients are moving excitedly into a new year full of promise as they look over the growth they have experienced in the past year. It’s affirming to notice how far you’ve come when you do this kind of backward glance. And the hope for the New Year is based on the solid evidence of the growth and removal of blocks that has been occurring up to now.

My New Year’s wish for you is that you, too, will look back over 2013 and see where you have grown. That you will look ahead to 2014 with excitement about the possibilities awaiting you, both expected and, as yet, unrevealed. Is this the year that you will finally get those blocks unstuck? Will you examine and erase the old tapes from others that are playing in your mind? Will you embrace the potential of new beginnings and leap forward along your path of personal growth? My hope is that you will say ‘yes’ to these possibilities for 2014.

Remember that I am here to help you on your journey. As a private client, you can work through those blocks and stuck places and identify the opportunities/possibilities that 2014 holds for you. In the group programs, you can work with me and others to see the possibilities that you might be missing on your own. Either way, these programs are a great way to identify and take action on your next step!

And on Saturday, January 25, 2014, either in person or via video conference, you can join me in thePossibilities Playshop: Create Your Guidebook for 2014! In this one-day event you’ll get together with others to learn to clear the path to a wonderful New Year, contact your guide(s) for the year and learn how you will receive messages from them throughout the coming months. You will have a chance to practice some exercises to help you grow and leap forward into opportunities. And you will have FUN!!! Save those magazine pictures that you’ve been pulling out (or start now!) and know that this is not a ‘vision board’ exercise – pull any images that speak to your heart and don’t worry about why they do that. You’ll get more details in an email shortly but I do hope you can join us on Saturday, January 25 as we get ready to be guided into the Lunar New Year. (The date is selected to be just before the Lunar/Chinese New Year and we’ll be working with the Moon Cycles for 2014.) Save the date!

If you weren’t able to join us for Satsang with Rosemary on the Winter Solstice, you missed an amazing message from The Divine Feminine that outlines the energy cycles for 2014! It is nearly an hour of guidance about what to expect and holds powerful information for you as an individual and as a part of the community. When you sign up for the Playshop on January 25th you will receive a bonus of a free download of the recording of this important message. If you can’t join us for the Playshop, you can hear this guidance by purchasing the audio download for only $14 here on my website: Everybody needs to be prepared for what’s coming in 2014!

We’re starting the New Year with a New Moon on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 6:15 AM Eastern Time. As we prepare for the New Year, finish releasing the 2013 energy that has been holding you back and get ready for a lot of exciting new opportunities in the coming year. We even get 2 New Moons in January, the second one on the 30th – Woo Hoo!

Happy New Year! I hope to see you all, in person or in cyberspace, during 2014! Sending you Much Love and Many Blessings for an awesome time! It’s going to be a great year for everyone in RosemarySpace!

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