You Are the Best Holiday Gift – Richard’s Commentary

Well, it’s all over! Or, is it? Yes, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice and Christmas are behind us. But we have the Gregorian New Year, Epiphany, the Lunar New Year, and a whole new year of holiday’s coming up. And we have today, December 26. Many people are out returning or exchanging the gifts they received. They are back in the hustle/bustle of shopping for the post-holiday bargains; maybe some are even getting ready for next Christmas, buying up trimmings and paper and lights and party goods for the holidays of 2014!

However, if you carried the meaning of yesterday’s message from Rosemary with you, then your gifts to others, those gifts of yourself – a smile, a kind word, a hug at the right moment, and even an attitude of cheer through the day, those “gifts of yourself” cannot be exchanged, they can’t be taken back; but of course, they might be returned!

Every Christmas for I don’t know how many years now, my brothers and their families put on a Christmas dinner for those in my tiny home town that don’t have family, might not be able to purchase a fancy dinner with all the trimmings, or are just feeling the need to be with others at Christmas. Yesterday they went through two big turkeys and a giant ham, serving over 70 people with great food, warm cheer and smiles all around. When I talked to my older brother around 7:30 last evening he was already dozing off, beat from the hard day’s work; but he was so upbeat we gabbed for almost an hour. He gave the gift of himself and received so much more. His cheer was infectious!

So, hear Rosemary’s advice in your heart: Think outside the box of your own feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you are smiling all the time or crying all the time. There is more in you than just those feelings. And there is more around you than just what you are feeling today. Today is a holiday too; every day is a holy-day if we are present to every moment and present to how we are a present to the world!

And: Stay upbeat, if you can. Smile if you feel like it. Ask for help if you need it. Find someone with whom you can let your hair down and be yourself and share your feelings without judging yourself. Then find someone who might need a helping hand and offer that hand, outstretched because giving is great and receiving is, too. Be the gift that keeps on giving; and enjoy the gifts of a smile, a hug, a cheerful greeting you receive from others. And take these gifts into 2014, because that way it will be a wonderful New Year!


PS: Next year will be wonderful. How do I know? Because I listened to a message from The Divine Feminine channeled by Rosemary on the Winter Solstice; and they offered guidance and advice on what we might expect in 2014 and how to approach the year’s upcoming energy. Expect more change! The transformation continues! If you missed the message it is now available as an MP3 recording for a modest price; check out the details here: Winter Solstice Mesage

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