full moonHappy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

Today, Friday, October 18 at 7:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time we experience both Lunar events. The Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth and stirs up our unconscious mind and emotions. What has been hidden that needs to be brought out of the shadows and into the light to be examined? And what old motivations and fears can we now release?

This is a potent time for all of humanity as we are being called to expand our consciousness. What are you doing for your personal growth during this week?

On Monday, October 21 Mercury goes retrograde,meaning that it appears from Earth to be moving backwards in its path. 3 times a year this happens and during the 3 weeks that Mercury is retrograde we must be very careful about messages – after all, Mercury is the messenger of the gods! Pay careful attention to papers that you sign, emails that you send and receive. This is a good time to review your spiritual progress.

The heavens are conspiring to give you great support for self-assessment this week, combining the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse with the energy of a Mercury retrograde. How will you respond?

On Saturday, October 19 I’ll be offering Satsang with Rosemary at our new home/meeting space in Severna Park, Maryland. During this evening I will be channeling/teaching guidance for this period and will be answering your questions, both general and personal. You can join us in person OR by videoconference or phone if you are not local. I can’t wait to hear what The Divine Feminine want us to hear on Saturday! Hope you will be listening, too! Here are the details: Click Here

And remember those who have already crossed over to The Other Side when we do a Conversation with The Other Side on November 1 in Maryland and on videoconference. This will be a fun event coming between Halloween and the Day of the Dead, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. Is there a loved one you would like to chat with? Your angels and spirit guides will be available to give you information about your next step or to put your worries at ease. What questions will you bring to the Conversation? Only a small group will participate in this event so that each attendee can receive a personal message, so be sure to reserve your place early. Here’s more info and registration: Click Here

Take advantage of these two events to receive guidance to help you through this time of transformation and personal as well as spiritual growth. The opportunity is here for you to stretch into the next level of consciousness. Will you do it?

Have a luminous week! And watch out for the luna-tics who don’t know how to drive during a Full Moon or a Mercury retrograde!


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