30 DoradusWe’re enjoying Autumn coolness and rains that make us bring out the warm comforters at night. I love when the seasons turn and something different is around the corner.

October brings with it the start of holidays with Halloween/Samhain/Celtic New Year at the end of the month. Columbus Day is celebrated in the US on Monday, October 14 this year, which is our daughter’s birthday, and she was born on the holiday when that Monday was the second one in October. Our son has a birthday on October 13 so it’s a big family week! As we approach Halloween remember that the veil between the worlds is thinnest at this time of year and that’s why the traditions celebrate the connections now. (Think ‘ghosts’!)

The Mexican Day of the Dead is on the second of November, which is All Souls’ Day in Christian traditions. I’ll be offering a Conversation with The Other Side on Friday, November 1,(called All Saints’ Day) in Maryland and online for anyone who would like to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over or to receive guidance from a spirit guide or angel. These are always fun to do around Halloween! Please join us. Click Here for details

This week is the week leading up to our next Full Moon on Friday, October 18, at 7:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. This will be a powerful one as it includes a Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries and the Earth casting it’s shadow over the Moon. We’ll be receiving the most pure Moon energy with it blocked from reflecting the Sun’s powerful light. We are invited to shift our consciousness to a higher level and to pay special attention to our inner emotions – what is it time to release?

I’m excited to share so many offerings in the coming days! I wish all of you lived in the Maryland area so that you could join us in person in our new location. On October 19 we’ll be holding our first Satsang with Rosemary in the Center for A New Alliance, our new home space. This will be available online as well, though, so those of you at a distance can join us via videoconference. This is your opportunity to hear general guidance from The Divine Feminine about the energies of this month and time and what you should prepare for. You will also be able to ask questions and receive answers. I’ll also be doing some teaching so it should be an information-filled evening. More info here

Check out the calendar below to see where I’ll be and what else is coming up soon!

And I continue to enjoy the cake-decorating class that grandson Joshie and I are taking. He’s been amazing! (I’ve been baking cakes and making icing between client calls, then he does the decorating in the class. Fun!) I highly recommend making memories with your loved ones – don’t put it off!

Have a delight-full week!


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