M60 GalaxyIt’s officially Autumn! The air is a bit cooler at night – I’m happy. This is the season for us to enjoy the harvest of what we planted earlier in the year and to begin to plan for next year. I hope you are ready for the final quarter of 2013 to begin this week.

I’m planning a 1-Day Retreat to get ready for 2014. If you’re interested in joining us, start saving pictures and words from magazines. And, no, we are not going to do a typical vision board! This will be using our Intuition to plan for the coming year. A magical process! So start collecting and I’ll share more details later.

The Moon is waning to a New Moon on Friday, October 4 at 8:34 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Be aware that the Old Moon can sap your energy as you are being asked to release, release, release. What is ‘old’ in your life that you can release from your life? And ‘old’ doesn’t have to mean in age – it can also mean the old paradigm or old styles of thinking. Let’s let this week be time to clear away all the old stuff in our minds, our hearts (who do you need to forgive?) and our physical environments. Get ready for that New Moon!

I just got home from an amazing time at Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Breakthrough ConferenceWhat wonderful people were there! I made a lot of new friends, saw some longtime friends, and experienced transformation at many levels while contemplating ways that I help others In their transformation process. Expect to see even more new programs coming out of this experience! Oh, and I’m now even more motivated to finish my next book. I’m committed to getting it done this year. Keep asking me how it’s coming along, please!

What transformation do you offer? What transformation are you seeking for yourself? This is a great time to ask for the help in your process that can move you along. We are still dealing with the upheaval of 2012 energy so, if you feel your life is being shaken up, then ponder the question for yourself of what’s next for you. A private session with me can help you to get an answer to that question. This would also be a good way to prepare for 2014, by really doing the work in front of you and completing 2013 as you launch into next year. Send me an email if you’re ready to spend a transformative hour with me!

Have a great week, sweeping out the ‘old’ and getting ready for the New – Moon!


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