What’s the Message? – Richard’s Commentary

As if to emphasize both Rosemary’s and my recent posts, The Divine Feminine offer a message urging us to look for the messages!

One of the take-aways I have is there are messages available to us in everything; everything we see, hear, say, feel, think, even in what we write! Rosemary channels The Divine Feminine and she writes it down as it comes. I write my Morning Pages as part of my practice; and sometimes they write themselves with little or no conscious control on my part. These too are signs and messages we need to attend to.

And sometimes these messages are hard to take; sometimes we would rather ignore them than absorb and act on them! The Divine Feminine say this about that:

Sometimes the messages are blatant and are held in your face so that you cannot miss them. At other times the messages are subtle and might be repeated many times before you realize that they are, indeed, messages for you to interpret. When you are aware that there are messages available constantly you can notice the many forms in which they come to you.

Whether the messages are blatant and we ignore them or subtle and we miss them they will be repeated! We are here to get the messages and to act on them. This is transformation.

In my previous two posts last Thursday and Friday I wrote about “home” as in homecoming and my family farm in Wisconsin. I was hit by blatant messages every moment of my trip there last week. And I got the message! The home farm has been transformed by my two brothers who still live there. Of course this is their right; I gave up all physical and fiscal ties to the farm when our mother passed over five years ago. But until this past week there was a vestige of home for me there, residing in my heart. That was my boyhood heart. But experiencing the transformation of the farm well beyond what I remember growing up has had a profound effect on me.

I have experienced my memories of the home farm has a kind of longing; there seemed to be a rather small but significant empty corner in my heart reserved for the wonderful times I had there as a kid. Perhaps I held on to that emptiness so I could fill it, replenish it when I returned there. But this trip “home” there was nothing to fill; and I quickly realized there was no emptiness to fill either. There was no subtlety to this message. And there is no need to repeat it.

I am so grateful I not only received this message but got it. I am “home” now; I’m back in Maryland with my wife, my dog and my stuff. And I am complete! I left no part of me in Wisconsin and there is no hole in my heart for anything I may have once thought I left there. It is all transformed; all for the better!

Sometimes the messages are blatant and sometimes subtle; they are always there. And they keep coming at us until we “get it.” When we do get it and act on the messages there is a sense of freedom and expansion that is wonderful.

Are the messages you receive blatant or subtle? Do you act on the blatant ones and work to interpret the subtle ones? They will keep coming until you do; and then new ones will follow! It’s part of life.



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