orion-nebHappy Harvest Full Moon! The energy is still with us after the September 19th event and this Moon has been beautiful here in Maryland. Remember that this time is about our connection to the cosmos and every other individual. From The Mountain Astrologermagazine: “The universe has hidden a secret in you. It is your job to reveal it.” (James O’Dea)

We’ll be celebrating the Fall Equinox on Sunday, September 22 when the Sun moves into the sign of Libra at4:44 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. (See if you notice that time or those numbers! Could it be a sign?) The Equinoxes are invitations to create Balance in our lives. What do you need to have Balance in your life, your work, your relationships? Spend some time on Sunday honoring this important day in the cycle of the annual calendar. There is equal daylight and darkness on the Equinox, suggesting that we find that delicate Balance for ourselves.

As I have been promising, we have developed some exciting programs for this Autumn! I will be presenting a series of classes in our new space in Severna Park, Maryland starting in November. The series is titled ‘Unlocking the Mysteries’ and the topics include: Intuition, The Cosmos 1: Cycles, The Cosmos 2: The Universe, Dimensions of Consciousness, Dreams, and Messages from the Body. Each topic will be presented in 2 classes and the series runs for 6 months. You can register for 1 class or for several or for the whole series. We’ll be sending you the details in a separate email.

Although these classes are starting out as live, in-person classes in Maryland, we plan to make them available later to audiences outside the area. Stay tuned for info on that!

I will also begin offering Satsang with Rosemary: Channeled Teachings from Other Dimensions on the third Saturday of every month. The first Satsang will be presented on October 19 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Satsang will be available both live in Maryland and as an online video conference. In addition to a channeled message and teaching, I will answer questions from attendees both in person and via the video conference or phone. The Guides want you to learn and this is the way they are choosing to share a lot of information with you each month! I’ll be sending out more info on this shortly.

Of course, I will continue to offer Conversations with The Other Side each month and as private offerings in homes and online. Please let me know if you’re interested in hosting your own Conversation – the host attends for free!

We have some other exciting events coming up and you’ll receive a separate email outlining the calendar so watch your inbox for the details!

Go outside and look up at the Moon as she starts to wane. She has been very bright here in the wonderful, clear skies approaching Autumn. I hope you get to see this magnificent orb where you live!

Happy Harvest!


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