ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What’s Hiding in Plain Sight?

Are you thinking that something is lost or missing and that you don’t know where to look for it? What part of YOU are you searching for?

Sometimes people think they are missing something, or broken and need to be fixed. Sometimes they feel they are not complete and are looking for someone/something to complete them. I call this the ‘Jerry Maguire Syndrome,’ from the movie that proposed this idea.

Let me set the record straight. You are complete RIGHT NOW!!! You don’t need to be fixed or completed. Everything you NEED is inside you now.

I can hear the objections starting to pop up. Do you feed the ‘if only’ complex that your mind tries to get you to buy? ‘If only’ I had more money. ‘If only’ I had a new relationship. ‘If only’ I had a better job. ‘If only…’

If there is something in your life that seems to be working in a way with which you are unhappy then you need only to look within yourself for solutions. The Field of All Possibilities is not out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. It exists within you.

I’ve had some moments recently where I’m surprised at what was blocking me in that moment. It can be as simple as a ‘letting go’ of an old idea, or an embracing of a path of joy instead of a struggle. But nothing outside could change until I changed on the inside.

One client I work with had an ‘aha’ when we connected her to a new way of looking at a project before her. It became exciting instead of stymying and she smiled her way into it. With another client we did a visualization exercise and connected her to an image of her essence that had come up in the past and she felt empowered now to embrace that part of herself.

What you might be looking for doesn’t have to be outside of you. Look inside. What have you ignored or disowned and become blind to? What can you change about the lens through which you look for solutions?

I believe that everything you have done up to this point is perfect for the lessons you have had to learn. That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been bumps in the road but they were necessary lessons rather than mistakes. Even if you think you would have done something differently, you are looking from a vantage point with more information than you had in that moment.

If you feel that you are struggling right now, then take yourself forward 90 days and look back at now to see how you solved the problems.

Your inner self knows the answers and can reveal them to you when you are ready to see them.

Whatever you think is hiding from you is in plain sight when you have eyes to see!

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