centaurusAWe’re still in the middle of moving in(i.e., unpacking boxes) but we just hung our biggest picture, one of Mother Mary, and that makes our house seem like our home. Funny how one beautiful object can bring such peace and joy!

Welcome to the world of Virgo! Lover of beauty and details. The Sun entered the sign of Virgo on August 22 (the day we did the picture-hanging!) and left fiery Leo. Now we can look around us and inside of ourselves to find the beauty that is there. This is a good time to evaluate your environment to make sure that you feel comfortable and that things are neat and beautiful.

As you evaluate your interior environment, YOU, get down to the business of being your Purpose and living your Mission. Are you confused about your next step? Remember that all through August I am offering a special check-in reading for only $65 because it’s my birthday month! Great time to get ready for that Fall Housecleaning, inside (you) and outsideClick Here for this Special Deal!

As soon as we get our new Meeting Room cleared of boxes (soon, I hope!) we’ll be offering Satsang with Rosemary – Teachings from Many Dimensions and Healing Message Services. These will be powerful experiences with spiritual teachers like The Divine Feminine and the Sirius Mystery Temple Teachersgiving us their guidance. The Healing Message Service will contain both a message time and a healing time with special Spirit Doctors and Reiki Masters from The Other Side. You’ll want to make sure you put these on your calendar! Specifics will be in the MuseLetter next week so be sure to read yours and share with your friends. Better yet, send THIS MuseLetter to your fr iends and suggest that they sign up for their own copy to stay informed.

I accompanied our grandson to his ‘Meet the Teacher Day’ at his elementary school and started thinking about the beginning of the school year. Even if there’s no one in the house who is in school, it feels as if it’s a time of new beginnings. Think about what you want to do with the rest of 2013. What would you like to learn? I’ve got some classes and events coming up, like a weekend retreat in November, and, if there’s a specific class you’d like for me to offer, please send me an email with your suggestions. I’m considering Dialoguing with your Dreams, Dowsing for Decisions, to name a few classes. It would be great if you could send along what you’re looking for!

As August winds down and school begins for the kids, relax and be your natural self!

And Happy Birthday to our grandson, Joshie, on August 28! Enjoy being 11 and the Fifth Grade!



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