Galaxy NGC 4214Happy July from summery Maryland! It might be the Summer season here but there is a lot going on. No lazy days in the Sun for us!

As we prepare for our move next month we are expanding the offerings that we will be able to host in our new place. Some exciting new events! Info coming soon…

We only have one more week of Mercury Retrograde (hurray!) when communications can get muffled and confused. Continue paying attention to details, especially if you’re signing something, and, if you can, wait until after July 20 to sign.

One cool thing about hot Summer nights is the coming of meteor showers. Put July 30 and August 12 on your calendars! Of course, they peak in the wee hours of the morning in the Eastern Time Zone, but it’s well worth getting up to see the sky show.

The Hubble picture this week is a star-forming region about 10 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs. Another great show in the sky!

Today’s message from The Divine Feminine stresses the importance of learning about your Soul Purpose,. Do you sometimes wonder if you know for sure what your Purpose is? Are you confident that you are living that Purpose? Would you like to know your Life Lesson so it can become an ally in your personal growth instead of a constant stumbling block? All this information is in your hands, where your unique fingerprints have encoded in them your Purpose and your Life Lesson. There’s a lot more information there, too, and, while your fingerprints don’t change through your life, the lines in your hands do. If you’re curious, schedule your Scientific Hand Analysis session now. Check out the details here And, if it’s been over 6 months since you had your hands read, it’s time for an update!

I hope to see my local friends at one of the upcoming networking events in the area! And if you’re not local, plan to come to my Fall Retreat so we can share hugs! Details coming soon…

Meanwhile, I’m sending cyber-hugs to you all!



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