Happy Holiday Weekend in the US! I hope you have had a good celebration so far and that you enjoy your weekend. The 4th of July is about celebrating and family and fun. We spent the day with family sharing the traditional Maryland feast of steamed crabs and being entertained by our great-nieces in their patriotic show for the old folks – fun!

As this week’s theme invites you, ponder freedom in your life and where you put your energy. The Moon in Cancer brings a focus on emotional intelligence and nurturing yourself. According to The Mountain Astrologer magazine, “A key to feeling safe is in recognizing that the river of life is always moving; mobility is much more helpful than resistance.” You’ll get more information about this in today’s article.

The New Moon on Monday, July 8 at 3:14 am Eastern Daylight Time will help you to invite in new energies to support your personal growth. Decide that you want to move forward, to keep growing and expanding and use the energy of the Moon Cycle to assist you. The New Moon means that both the Sun and the Moon are in the emotional sign of Cancer so please go easy on yourself!

Remember that Mercury is still retrograde so you’ll need to be careful to review documents 2 and 3 times before signing them, or, better yet, put off signing until after Mercury goes direct again on July 20. And don’t be surprised if communications get a bit garbled! Hang in there!

This month’s Conversation with The Other Side is on Saturday, July 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time ONLINE! During this waxing (growing) Moon period is a wonderful time to get a new message from helpers in other dimensions, like angels, guides and loved ones. Please join us for some Summer fun! We’ve posted some videos of messages from the last Conversation if you’d like to see what the experience is like. Check it out here

We’re gearing up to move into our new space August 1 and are working on the calendar for some new events. Lots of good things coming up! Stay tuned.

Have a fireworks kind of week! The picture is a Hubble shot of the Comet ISON providing fireworks from Nature.



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