Storm Surge in Your Life! – Richard’s Commentary and Glenn Smith’s Obituary

I had one of those days when it may have been better to remain in bed under the covers! Yes, it was another storm surge kind of day! It built up early after a late night wrestling with video production, technical issues, computer sluggishness, internet connectivity glitches. The storm actually started early yesterday. I hope it surged to its climax today as I lost a DVD player (don’t ask!) and made two trips out to get the produce from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm (their delivery truck broke down, so they were having a stormy day too!).

But I do have a perspective on all of this I need to share:

On May 9, 2013, a friend and colleague, Glenn M. Smith, died suddenly and shockingly, in Huntsville, Canada. He had been ill for some months with strange symptoms attributed to ALS and then Lyme disease. I learned of this diagnosis and thought, OK, treatment is available. Then I received word he had passed. This was truly a sudden and violent storm!

Glenn and I met at a Baeth Davis Scientific Hand Analysis event and then stayed in contact and met again at another Baeth Life Purpose event. Baeth saw potential in both of us as caring, sensitive, yet strong men and suggested we figure a way to work together. We started a blog, and posted a few things along the way. But we both were busy with other things and then Glenn fell ill.

I have been asking myself, and him, what we should do with the blog. And I got a pretty clear answer today to write this post, post it on the blog and then see what happens. First I want to post part of Glenn’s obituary that appeared in the Toronto Star on May 24:

Glenn Smith passed away peacefully in Huntsville on May 9, 2013 of ALS and Lyme Disease. Glenn was born on April 27, 1958 in Richmond, BC, to parents Wesley and Lorraine. He is survived by his beloved partner of 7 years, Sharon Miller…Glenn was a tradesman, a massage therapist, an author (Lotus Petal) and spiritual guide. Glenn loved to play and have fun. He acted, learned the trumpet and joined a dance class in his forties. He loved to test his body through athletics – as a football and baseball player, as a runner and as a triathlete. He loved the outdoors – boating, swimming and skiing. He was an incredible cook. He was a meditator for over 30 years and a spiritual man. He loved quietly and gently being of service to others. Mostly Glenn loved Sharon. He and Sharon shared a deep love and connection that inspired others.

Glenn was a “powerful, sensitive man.” He is truly missed. I regret not having the opportunity to pursue our work together in the physical but I have a sense we will be working together in another format; because for me the work needs to continue. I know that he agrees. And whether or not our joint blog continues is only a matter of form.

I have more to say about this and Glenn, but for today I want this post to reflect his gentle nature and sweet presence I feel as I write. I will write more about storm surges and their impacts tomorrow.

My little rain-storm today was nothing compared to what Glenn and Sharon have been through. Perspective is always so sobering and so calming to that inner storm!



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