Mystic Mountain NebStorms. Tornadoes. Wildfires.

Quite a week! We’ve had tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings to deal with [safely] while we watch the heartbreaking wildfire in Colorado Springs. We lived through this scenario last year when it was our house in Colorado that was in the path of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire. Thankfully, we learned our house survived intact and we sold it to a family that hadn’t been so fortunate. This year, it is the homes of friends that are threatened by the Black Forest Wildfire. We pray for our Colorado Springs ‘family’!

I also had a great time recently speaking about the Hubble Space Telescope to a group of 4th Grade classmates of our grandson, Josh. It was fun for The Scientific Mystic to talk about science with some intelligent, curious kids asking really good questions! (In case you aren’t familiar with my background, I worked for NASA on the Hubble Project before becoming a full-time spiritual counselor/coach/medium/mystic.)

This is the final week of the season of Spring. Summer Solstice is next Friday, June 21, at 1:03 am Eastern Daylight Time, when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. Are you ready for Summer? This is the time for big growth, just as our gardens demonstrate! And Cancer is about nurturing ourselves and each other. Make some plans for the longest day of the year. What would you like to bring into the Light? Uncover the lessons you are working on and shine Light upon them.

There is still room for you to join us TONIGHT, Friday, June 14th at 7:00 pm EDT for the Conversation with The Other Side if you’re interested in getting a message of guidance from an angel, spirit guide, or loved one. Register Here. And if you can’t join us either live in Annapolis or online from anywhere, think about HOSTING your own friends at a Conversation with The Other Side (and you’ll attend for free!). Here are the details on hosting your own event: Click to learn more.

Highlight: Are you curious about Qigong? Richard is teaching 2 different classes (awesomely, I might add!) in Severna Park, Maryland and you can drop in for a class to try it out. Here’s where to get more info: Qigong

I hope you have great plans for the coming Season. We’re heating up in the Northern Hemisphere and our friends in Australia are getting ready to ‘chill out.’ Both Seasons invite us to PLAN. This is a good time to clear up those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and create a plan based on examining possibilities. If you’re looking for help in developing your Plan, we can work together for the next 3 months and create your Summer Success Roadmap. I’d love to send you more details about this program so please send me an email and I’ll get that info to you.

Have a great week and enjoy your longest day next Friday! And please keep praying for those affected by the Black Forest Wildfire in Colorado.



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