double_conjunction-580x386Happy June to you! As I write this I am listening to a nice Spring rain watering the tomato plants and flowers in the yard and bringing the water to the reservoirs for us to drink. Do you move into gratitude when it rains or do you curse the raindrops that destroy your hairdo and get your shoes wet? The answer to that question is your choice about which thoughts to follow!

Follow the Exquisite Thoughts that are filled with wonder at Mother Nature and her bountiful gifts! Follow the thoughts that feel expansive instead of contracting. And be open to shifting into new thought patterns.

Tomorrow is a New Moon, at 11:58 am Eastern Daylight Time, in thoughtful Gemini. After the last 3 Moon events brought eclipses with them, this New Moon should be a gentler push that “stimulates our awareness of our biases and beliefs, so that we can become more deeply connected with each other and our surroundings.” [–The Mountain Astrologer magazine]

Use this New Moon energy to focus on a new way of thinking about the shifts that are happening in these important days in history. At every level of existence we are transforming, some of us participating consciously and others being dragged kicking and screaming into the New Earth. How we accept change says a lot about how we live our lives. At the New Moon it’s a great time to do some ritual welcoming change into your life. New ways of thinking bring new energies. Accept them with gratitude!

HIGHLIGHT: The June Conversation with The Other Side is on Friday, June 14th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time ONLINE and LIVE in Annapolis, MD. Would you like to join us and have a fun evening hearing information from beings in other dimensions or chatting with a loved one who has crossed over? These are fun events with lots of good guidance and, always, some laughs. You can participate via phone or computer [with video camera we can see each other!] or sit around the table in person. This is your time to get some answers! Click Here for the details.

And if you’d like to attend a Conversation with The Other Side for FREE in your own home, check out HOSTING A CONVERSATION on the website here: Hosting

In addition to the events listed below, there’s a special event on our calendar this week. Our grandson, Cody, is graduating from the 8th Grade and heading off to high school! Congratulations, Cody!!! We’ve very proud of all of our grandchildren and this is a special milestone. This is also why we moved back to Maryland – to be with family at the milestone moments. We had an ‘aha!’ moment that led us to focus on our values and make our choices about where to live based on ‘family.’

Notice your Exquisite Thoughts, your own ‘aha!’ moments this week!



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