There is a Light inside of you that is the Light of the Universe. Are you shining that Light outward or are you keeping it hidden?

Most of us live our lives keeping the lantern of our Inner Light on the dim setting, afraid to shine too brightly because we worry about how others will react if we do. We play it safe. We don’t want to make waves. Or, if we do make waves, we tend to be cautious about how big they are.

The time has come for each of us to claim our power and to reach out into the world to share our Light. There is nothing to be gained from playing small, from staying dim. We have fooled ourselves into believing that we keep the peace around us by hiding, by staying quiet, by simply existing.

Have you asked yourself recently if you are hiding a part of you from the rest of us?

Even if you are feeling as if you are showing up in a big way, I invite you to turn up the Light and shine EVEN MORE BRIGHTLY.

I see clients who want to express their creativity but feel they have to focus on their job or their business. It’s not ‘either-or’ – it can be ‘and’! Other clients have given away so much power to others in their life that they don’t believe they are strong enough to step out in a big way. You are strong!

This isn’t just about doing your work in the world in a big way. It’s about living life LARGE!

Are you showing yourself to your family as a whole person or are you hiding a part of yourself? Are you helping your kids to grow by being human, with the full spectrum of human emotions, strengths and weaknesses?

I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of letting our kids think that everything has to be perfect, that we are perfect. Now, I’m not into baring every little flaw but it might just be our power that we’re hiding along with our flaws. I posted a picture on facebook recently that addressed perfection and imperfection. “I saw that you were perfect and I loved you. I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you more.” I don’t know who came up with those words but they speak volumes.

It is our so-called imperfections that make us human. We tend to want to hide our flaws and yet those who can love unconditionally will love us more if we are human, like them, because we give them permission to be human, too. This is called ‘emotional authenticity’ and, if you would live a conscious life, this is what you are striving to achieve.

It is also our strengths, our power, our Light that sometimes frighten us because they carry responsibility with them. And our greatest fear is often that others will abandon us, will not love us, will feel intimidated by us because we appear to be stronger or more powerful than they are. No one wants to be abandoned but when strength and power come from the Divine Light that is at our core, then we are not intimidating anyone else unless they choose to shrink from our Light rather than to shine their own Light more brightly.

This is the point. Every time we increase the amount of Light that we shine into the world, we invite others to increase the Light that they shine from their own Inner Light. We are only responsible for shining our own Light. We cannot accept responsibility for what others choose to do.

We do, however, dispel more darkness when we shine more Light. Are you willing to come out of hiding to do this?

PS: There are beings you can’t hide from: your angels, guides, spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over! Oh, you can ignore them; pretend they are only part of your imagination. But they won’t go away because they are here to help you! On June 14, at 7:00 pm, either online (internet or phone) or in person in Annapolis, you can join me for a Conversation with The Other Side to hear what those beings have to offer you. You can’t hide; you may as well listen! Get more information here.

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