????????????????????????????????????????????????????I love April!  All that fiery Aries energy helps me get things started, organized, restructured, NEW!  The New Moon this week helps us to focus on bringing something new into our lives.  Wednesday, April 10 at 5:36 am Eastern Daylight Time the New Moon meets the Sun at the same degree of Aries.  We will also have Venus, Mars and Uranus in this sign of the Trailblazer to help us start the astrological New Year with a lot of energy.  Use the support of the energy of the planets to help you invite something new to manifest in your life.

We are restructuring here and the new programs are about to launch.  Some are local to the Annapolis, Maryland area and some will be online.  Plans are shaping up and the hint I’ll give you is this – think ‘Academy’!  More later…

The Rainbow Balance Color Therapy Class finished up and we had a lot of fun learning to use our intuition to choose colors to bring balance and energy to our intentions.  Are you interested in learning about this in an online format?  Send me an email as we’re getting ready to offer this and I want you to be the first to know!

We’re also scheduling Conversations with The Other Side at various homes in the local area but did you know that you can host one online and attend for free?  This way you can invite friends from all over to join you in the fun of a Conversation and no one has to leave home.  Here’s where you can get more info on hosting: Host Information

Spring Book Special:  Get Your Woman On!  Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women – The book that I co-authored with some amazing women – is available this month at a very special price – $12 with free shipping in the US and some great bonuses!  This would be an inspirational gift for Mother’s Day for a woman who would like to read 39 stories of transformation.  Here’s how to get your copy: Book Sale

It’s allergy season.  One grandkid has a cast on her wrist.  Another just had his tonsils out.  Time for some sunshine and NEW FUN for everyone!  I’m so ready!  I recently did a distance healing with John of God and recommend that you find your path to healing what you need to leave behind so that YOU can move into the NEWness of your life.  Let go of whatever you are ready to release with the Old Moon before Wednesday, including any ailments you no longer need for the lesson.  Of course, make sure you’ve learned the lesson that is the gift!

Hope to see you out and about, enjoying the water and the cherry blossoms in this beautiful DC area this Spring!


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